I’ve run out of creativity…


and thus will not try to continue my use of book titles/ song titles in a witty manner as the title of the post. In the chance that I do feel inspired or new music happens upon me than I will hopefully return in fighting form.

Until then, it will be whatever I can think of.

This week as I mentioned prior, is a strange week. But it’s become even more complicated than normal.

Because I don’t have school tomorrow I won’t have a chance (unless I want to come into work on an off day which I really don’t) to work on the Lesson Plans.

So here’s what it looks like.

On Thursday, it should be a normal day but my co2 is teaching half of my lesson in her open class which means that I have to take over one of her lessons. Which she didn’t tell me until yesterday. So now I’m hurrying to get a 40 minute lesson plan made and practiced. Yay.

Then on Friday I teach my open class with my other co1, But it’s a 40 minute lesson and that’s only half than usual and it’s a lesson she made herself. This will also be the last time I see them for 3 weeks. So i will be giving her all my lesson plans for the next few weeks. Goody.

Then I finally have my regular lesson plan that I won’t actually be teaching until next Monday which is still kind of everywhere. Usually I’ve been good about planning in advance but because this particular lesson is a mess I kind of stayed away from it.

Moving on, my 5-2 class was a little bit loud today but per usual they were good. ONe of my favorite students is one of my “special” students. His disability isn’t as severe as my other student and interestingly enough he is actually more proficient and knowledgable about English than my non special students. I love spending time with him because he’s so eager and willing to answer and talk with me. I barely can tell that he has any specail need because of how smart he is. Not that my special students aren’t smart (I got very lucky that I’ve been graced with 2 special students who seem to like English and are decent at it) but I was told in his other classes he doesn’t like them or pay attention to them. So I feel special that he likes my class so I want to make sure he feels that he excels in it which he actually does.

As for daycare….SUCCESS! I was worried because 1st and 2nd graders and paint = a nightmare. But this year Daycare C has bee the best behaved. No paint accidents and they all enjoyed it. I borrowed the idea from my friends which I will post on Thursday. I did add some “English ” things to it though.

Because tomorrow is Wednesday and I won’t be in school ….I am going to do i now. I hope you appreciate it because I will be staying past my release time from prision at 440.

Music Wednesday!

I mentioned earlier this week that BLOCK B’s single “Toy” was out.

It was a different feel than what I think most people started associating BLOCK B with -songs like Very Good, Nalina, Nilili Mambo etc.

It’s kinda of like “Loser” in a way….and not at the same time.

It’s not “pop” but it’s not quite that other r&b feel that other groups are putting out. I like how there are clear verses and a strong chorus.

I’m not even sure how to explain it other than it kind of hits you in your feels and you don’t really know why.

The one complaint I do have is that I still feel Park Kyung and Zico have larger parts where they don’t really need them. Let the vocalists sing and let the rappers rap. And if the rappers want to sing, then don’t make it at the expense of the vocalists. I feel like again BBOMB and Jaehyo were kind of limited. Which sucks because I don’t think Park kyung especially needs to sing and have a rap bridge later on as well.

It has a bittersweet feel. I haven’t had a chance to look up the lyrics yet but as usual I tend not to (EXO Wolf taught me not to do that).

I haven’t had a chance to listen to the rest of the album though I learned that I actually saw two of the new songs in their concert-just didn’t know it because it was never mentioned.

As for VIXX who put out their new teaser…so confused.

Ravi did say that it was a bright and funky feel, but from the trailer and the art  and the sound it self…I’m just really confused LOL.

Either way it will be great but I’m interested how this is all going to come together.

Though I’m still not feeling Leo’s freckles….or Ken’s blonde hair.  Like I usually find all of them flawless however…I’m not sure I’m quiet feeling this style. I was furious about Leo’s ugly blonde hair last time…so I guess the stylist decided it was a good idea to make Ken a blonde…because he needs to look more white?

Who knows. Let’s hope that it will soon pass.





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