Paint, Daycare and wanting to scream


Usually I’m very understanding of my daycare kids. For the most part they can’t speak English at all.

But Daycare A for some reason….they make me want to scream. One boy and two girls in particular. They don’t listen in English which is understandable but even when I show them how to do it through using the other kids who know what to do, or even have their own Korean speaking teacher say it to them in KOREAN they still don’t understand.

It’s half they aren’t listening because they are talking and half I don’t even know.

I had so many ask and ask the same questions over even when I showed them on the board and they still didn’t understand that the Korean teacher in the room even became upset with them and scolded them.

They then managed to do what they were supposed to do. Barely.

Last year it was Daycare C that made me want to die but this year they are a dream.

They pay attention, do their work and even actively want to do more.

Daycare A last year was my favorite but now they make me want to die. Paint everywhere, not listening, asking the same questions five hundred times….ugh.

My fifth graders do this too. Now I didn’t address Tuesday’s “Modern Issues” because well I just forgot and became too excited over Block B’s new album.

So we will cover it now.

I recently read an article that NPR put out about the art of listening and how it’s been lost.

Growing up especially around the age of almost middle school teachers stopped coddling the children. One thing in particular was listening and following directions. The teacher would say the directions once and if you had a question you would raise your hand. But the other students had to be quiet t o hear your question. If you repeated the question and the teacher had already answered it, the teacher often time would give you a skeptical look and say “that questions already been asked” thus embarssing you a little and leaving you to find the answer from other students.

While it may seem like a bad tactic it actually worked well in my opinion. It not only made the other students listen to the questions themselves, but also to the other students when they were talking.

I’ve found constantly that my students don’t find it rude to be talking loudly when another student is trying to answer a question. I’ve had to kind of give up on the fact that they will never be fully quiet.

I would love to employ that tactic of “if a question has been asked once I won’t answer it again” but most of the time the kids ask the Korean teacher.  My co1 usually keeps the kids in line anyway so we rarely if ever have the issue of that but my co2 seems to still love to coddle them like babies.

Sometimes I wish she would treat the class more as a class. Yes they are children but at the same time if she continues to coddle them they will never be able to stand on their own two feet which doesn’t bode well for the Korean future.

Now moving on to today’s topic: Lesson Plans

So I recently did a project with my daycare that was suggested through a friend of mine. I was getting tired of doing mundane worksheets. And with it being Cherry Blossom season, or now actually the end of it, I though this would be a perfect time to incorporate the colors we learned.


white paper with black/brown lines drawn on it like a tree

white and pink (or red paint)


So I made it more “English” and had the kids write their name’s “_______’s Cherry Blossom Tree”. “The tree is _________ and ___________.” I typed this in.


Then I drew the lines on the paper.

Mix the white paint and a little bit of the pink/red paint together. You want a light pink but like me, if you don’t have enough white the color can be a darker pink.

I tell the students to fill in their name and the color “pink” and “brown/black” on the paper first.

Afterwards, I tell them all to roll up their sleeves and say “one finger” and hold the finger in the air and tell them to do the same.

After I show them that the one finger only can go in the bowl and on the paper. I show them the finger going in the bowl and on a person and say “No!” This is to prevent anyone going home with paint on them.

Afterward I put the paint in the bowls and used one students finger to mix the colros and put it on the paper to make the cherry blossoms. I went around to each table and showed them.

If they needed more paint they had to sit at their tables and ask me instead of trying to come up and touch me to get my attention. This was to prevent any unwated paint on me and my clothes.

When the students were finished I told them to go to the bathroom and wash their hands while the paint dried. If certain students finished earlier than others and their group was done the project I had them wash the bowls. Turns out washing the bowls is a “prestigious” position and I had a bunch of the kids ask me many times if they could wash the bowls.

Daycare C executed this perfectly. Daycare A….not so much. Paint on some clothes, all over the desks, students touching me with paint fingers, students not paying attention and repeating the question several times over….needless to say ….I was happy to get out of there.

The one thing I will say I’m glad about is the fact that I made those sticker charts for my students so it gives them a goal and makes them want to do work. The only down side is I didn’t realize how well they do worksheets -so I should have made it 10 worksheets instead of 5 to equal 1 candy.

So that’s my lesson plan for the day. I will upload a photo to show you the finished project



And now for some unrrelated news that will probably annoy some of you if anyone is actually reading this other than my mother and my cat (just kidding I’m not a cat lady….if anything I’d be a I live alone with my 30 dogs lady).

VIXX is releasing all sorts of photos and videos for the new comeback that’s set to drop in a week on the 19th! I’m really confused because the initial conception art trailer and even the teaser are intense sounding and looking like old “dark” themed vixx. But then the promo photos are full of bright colors and the album cover is also this bright color concept.

So I’m just so confused over it. I really hope that the song is like the art conception and the teaser trailer because I think it could sound super heavy and awesome. But then again, Chained up wound up sounding much different than what I thought it was going  to be. So we will see. I know it’s VIXX and I will love it, but I’m just hoping that it lives up to the high expectation we are all placing on it. Especially since they bleached the hell out of Ken’s hair…just no.

As for tomorrow, it’s open class so I’m feeling generally relaxed because it’s my best class (well one of about 3) so it shouldn’t be an issue.

However my co2 has probably our worst class for open class. Our 5-1 class that doesn’t know how to not talk/has students who can’t even understand what the letter “a” is.

Like I’ve mentioned before, I have no issue with students who are low level. I tok care of it last year. But there are two students in 5-1 who won’t even try. I give them a lot of help, just like how I do with students in other classes who struggle. However these two just stare at me blankly and won’t say a word. I should be understanding but I’m frustrated at them and their past teacher who let this happen.

They can’t even repeat after me for the answer. My other low level students will at least repeat after me when I give them the answer but these two literally just stare at me. I’m not trying to humiliate them but I need them to at least attempt or something.



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