Open: Hours 9-440


Today it was Open class! Everything went well as I expected it would. The only catch was the fact I had to stand in a hallway full of parents and students dressed as a “witch”. Now I understand what foreigners feel like when everyone stares at them.

As for the rest of my day …. it’s pretty uneventful with a pretty uneventful weekend ahead of me.

I’m thinking I want to head up to Seoul for the Seoul Forest that I didn’t get a chance to do on my day off.

Other than that just choir.

And I also really need to finish laundry from like 3 weeks ago, budget planning which I should be doing now, but I got distracted by other things *cough* VIXX’s teasers*

Now Friday’s are used typically for Movies, TV etc but I’ve been working hard on this months budget and sadly forgot about this post.

Real Life ADHD problems.

So with next week being much calmer  i hope to have better posts . I mean of course Music Wednesday will be because VIXX’s comeback will have dropped 😉



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