No rest for the supremely cranky


A busy Sunday.

An inability to sleep until 2 a.m. (2 hours of restlessness)

1st period students who decided they would rather just wait for my co1 Korean instructions. (as much as I do love me co1 the only problem I do have with her is the fact she translates way too much for them. even page numbers and simple things they should know which is why now they just wait until she says it in Korean-they got yelled at).

2nd period students who were so loud and hyper and talkative.

I think normally I wouldn’t have been so annoyed by either class but the tiredness really took it’s toll on me today.

So I tried not to take any anger out on the students.

As for the weekend-Saturday was spent cleaning and surviving horrendous winds and rains. As I am about an hour south of Seoul I did not experience any of the Japan tremors though my friend in Busan did.

Sunday my friend and I had lunch and shopped around for a bit before I had choir.

It’s a good thing I know my music pretty well because I was late and had to sit surrounded by basses. I couldn’t hear any other soprano except myself. Because I was late and the rehersal was ending early, I really was only there for about 2 hours so I got home at a relatively decent time.

Once again not much for a busy weekend. My weekends for the next few weeks will be calm until the spring vacation when I head to Busan to visit with a friend, then have my concert. In fact my weekdays look more hectice.

Due to all sorts of school meetings, days off, there are a few classes where I won’t see them for 3 weeks in a row! It’s insane.

The only really exciting bit this week is that a ton of comebacks are dropping in the KPOP world. So many.

But until then I will just be…tired.



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