I’m an insomniac, insomniac!


I don’t know if I’ve been so tired I haven’t been able to fall asleep or budget stress or what but I have not slept well in the past two days. In the last 42 hours I’ve slept maybe a collective of 10 1/2 hours.

And my headaches are back too -_-

In short the past two days have been very challenging for me. Luckily one of my classes went on a field trip today and I teach only one class on Wednesday and Thursday.

To those who suggest I take a nap…I tried yesterday and failed miserably.

I mean yes it was my fault for wanting to stay up to watch VIXX’s new MV (Which by the way did NOT air on the date it said it would, rather it will debut tonight at 12….screw you Jellyfish).

But even so it has been a struggle the past few days.

Combined with the return of my neck tension headaches and a loss of a dinner appetite Monday and today haven’t been too kind to me.

Now onto Tuesday’s topic:Modern Life Issues.

Now I’ve already covered abortion which is a hot topic of debate with Alabama trying to pass a bill that makes abortion illegal under ANY circumstance to include rape and mother’s health. so I won’t address the pure ludicrousness of that.

But I wanted to talk about another issue that is prevalent in Alabama: racism

This is a huge issue that has been brewing in America for the past few years in a way it didn’t when I was growing up.

Now we all know America has it’s major history snafoo’s of racism: slavery (duh), internment camps (duh) and now terrorists (…..).

But what doesn’t seem to be happening is people willing to address it in a healthy manner.

Now you might be thinking if this is such an issue why all of a sudden do I want to talk about it?

Well I am going to specifically address racism in movies/TV or what people call white washing.

Well on my way to Seoul this weekend I stumbled across an article that says Scarlett Johansson is going to be a Japanese manga character. Yes, white Scar Jo.

Did the media learn nothing from casting Emma Stone as a half chinese girl in Aloha?

There are so many things aggravating about it where do I even begin?

Let’s start with the fact that they are casting 100% white people to play people of different colors.

In the case of Aloha Emma Stone’s last name was even Chinese.

Yes I understand that people with specific race features can have completely different names. I am a prime example.

But then again, asian features dominate over white features so….why is a basica white girl (sorry Emma Stone I actaully really like you!) playing someone who is supposed to look half asian?

So we have terrible casting in this case because Emma Stone brings in revenue with her name along with other non Hawaiian actors.

Ok so let’s move on to the topic of bringing in revenue. In the case of “Exodus (I grew up in a Catholic school knowing all about both parts of the bible and yet all I think of now is EXO…..kpop you destroyed my life) the movie about Moses …you know the Egyptian who led the Hebrews out of slavery, well he was played by Christian Bale. And his Egyptian adopted brother…a very white Australian. Now I know that Egypt is one of the African countries that has people with lighter color skin…ok.

But I’m pretty sure Christian Bale isn’t Jewish nor was any Egyptian THAT white. Once again the names are the big draw here ….except that the guy playing Ramses isn’t a big name. Now I know his name and can name a few movies he’s been in because I’m a freak, but that’s beside the point.

Shall I continue?

What about when movies try to make white people look like a different race? In the case of Scar Jo’s new movie Ghost in the Shell , there were attempts made to make the actors look Asian. Where do I start with this?

1. It’s a F**king insult that you think with black hair dye, contacts, and eye crap that you can make someone look Asian? Does that mean if I get major double eye lids, a big nose, dye my hair blonde that I can look like a white person? Black face was a disgusting rendition of this . That if you paint your face and make your lips huge, you’re suddenly “black”? Here’s the answer, no it doesn’t. Even while it’s not as drastic as that…can someone please explain to me how Angelina Jolie qualifies as an Afro-Cuban ?????

You haven’t had to live your life labelled as an “asian” or receive all the negative stereotypes that go along with it.  You’re just playing dress up with someone else’s race. And it’s not cool.

2. CAST AN ASIAN ACTOR! I’m sure  any director could find one in L.A. That speak the “English” you want as well. Some movies (while still having the white person as the central character ) have had casts with talented Asian actors.  Sure Jackie Chan and Lucy Liu don’t have the pull they used to but the white washing of Hollywood has really made it impossible to even find a new one. I mean I could name a few actors that I think could fit the role. Because Asian actors are stereotyped into roles , it severely limits the options. Do you take a racist side kick role….or do you not advance in Hollywood? Catch 22.

Which brings us to another issue-if all girls like myself see in movie are white women and white men…we don’t feel a connection to any…or even worse just start to think we should be white.

My BFF who I know is not racist just can be oblivious once said to me “I identify with Bella” (this was over Twilight characters….yeah we were in college in the mid 2000’s don’t judge). And when I said I didn’t ….I identified more with one of the Native American girls, she was shocked. And I simply answered “I’m not white.”

Growing up Lucy Liu was pretty popular. But she was one person. And Chinese American at that (not that I’m racist against Chinese people despite living in korea for a year). Shocking I know but just because someone kinda looks like you doesn’t mean too much. Now a days….there really isn’t anyone. Sure there is the girl in Teen Wolf and the guy from the Maze Runner but on average….the Asian/Asian American community is severely underrepresented especially in non racist or “cultural roles”. So where are these young girls supposed to look for?

But let’s suppose that some movies recognize that times are changing. Like Star Wars. Sure at the heart of the first 6 movies was a white dude. But there have been representation albeit small, of POC in non stereotyped roles. Landu and Mace Windu weren’t “black”….they just were. Bail Oranga wasn’t “Latino”…he was just himself.

So it was really cool to see a female lead with a black male as her …..friend? I wouldn’t call him a sidekick because Finn is more than that. And then there is Poe who is latino.

Finn was easily the most identifiable character. Someone who can from a bad background and didn’t question things until they grew up. Decided they wanted out  and maybe was a little selfish about it…and didn’t really understand what they could do or be. And it wasn’t because he was ‘black’.

But then there are idiost who think this is an attack on white people. It’s “reverse racism”. OMG that term irks me to no end. It’s not reverse…it’s just racism. And Racism can happen to white people just as much as it can happen to anyone. Racism at the root of the word is “race”….not “white”. But by using that in the way that some white people use it it becomes it.

Like white is the majority so racism just means “white people who hate other races”….which it’s not. Sorry to quote (someone…i don’t remember don’t kill me!) “asians aren’t a minority….there are literally billions of us.” Whites don’t hold power over the word and then can use it to say “reverse racism”.  It’s not reverse…it’s just racism. And by the way….what you’re experiencing is not racism…you’re experiencing not feeling like your a majority which…sorry welcome to every “minority”‘s  world.

What I love about star wars is that it lives out of race and while it could do more and have more diversity, it did a good job addressing the “issue” of a black man taking on a traditionally white role.

And that might be the entire problem. A “traditionally white role” like Fantastic 4. Yes in some cases, namely historic events, some roles might need to be based on color but these modern movies should be full of color. I won’t say color blind because it’s stupid ” not to see color”. It’s obvious..and to push it under the rug and act like a person isn’t racist just because they don’t see race (which unless you are in fact blind everyone does)  is kind of the root of the problem in America.

I’m not going to tackle that because ….that is a whole other issue .

So for now…that’s it.

Tomorrow is music wednesday and if VIXX is done trolling and put out their damn MV and song then I will review it. I will admit I’m not too excied about this comeback as I had been. Turns out all the dark concepts were for the overall album (it’s a 3 set piece) and this first part is a bright and funky sound…that sounds way too close to SHINee “queen of new york”. I’m all for bright and happy VIXX but there is a reason Im not a SHINEE Shawol…their music is something I don’t overly care for. I have a few of their songs and their ODD album.

Also…the hair colors and styling….yeah no. So hopefully I won’t be disappointed .





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