Dynamite? Not quite


So before I dive into VIxx (you know what’s coming) I’ll dive into everything else.

So I adjusted my pillows last night which I think has improved my sleeping and my neck .

I slept a lot better than the past two nights but not as good as I usually do.

As for finally meeting my 5-3 class for the first time in two weeks…well I kind of knew what to expect.

Per usual…they were …loud.

And I guess my co2 finally decided she didn’t want the students disrespecting her like they have been for the entire year so far.

The sad thing is when she tries to enforce them they kids don’t really care because she doesn’t ever give out consequences.

And when she does try to…it’s very awkward and the kids just make fun of her. She also seems to struggle with what to do.

For example if its time to clean up an activity and I’m collecting markers, then maybe you should collect the white boards…not also collect the markers. I really think she just believes the techniques she used for 3rd and 4th grades last year would work . And they don’t .

The only good news: some of my more shy students are now speaking louder and willing to stand up and answer questions in class (though I have to call on them first )


Now moving on to …. Music Wednesday


VIXX’s comeback.

So to begin, I know this is a “triology” so to speak that will be finished by next year. Or something like that.

So when they releaased the trailer it was for the entire concept not just this  comeback.

Let’s start with the initial art concept film and teasers. It felt like this was going to be a heavy and slightly darker feel. It had a really awesome sound to it and looked great.

And then…the pictures dropped. And it was bright and Leo had freckles (…just no) and Ken was blonde…and then the song dropped.

It was upbeat, fun a little Shinee like. And the MV reminded me of Love me Right by EXO as well.

Now I love upbeat VIXX. I actually prefer it. So I’m not disappointed that they chose to do a bright upbeat song. I’m just slightly put off that they tease this darker concept and then completely change what actually comes out.

The MV is also really trippy. I actually think it deters from the song. When I watched the live show version I found the song more enjoyable as oppose to the actual MV itself which was just…meh.

Of course every VIXX song isn’t going to be a favorite and this one clearly won’t be one of mine. But it’s not as bad as I originally thought while still I think less impressive than what everyone is saying.

There are cool moments and the lines are divided up better than what used to happen. But Ravi’s rap for me just kind of felt like it was just there like-normal, nothing speical or new. Overall it’s not want I expected from VIXX. I get they need to change and evolve and grow….so I will try to listen more and not be as disappointed as I am.

On another note….VIXX fans and BTS fans are fighting! Starlights have always been calm and sweet so to see the two fandoms fighting is shocking. BTS fans say VIXX  stole the triology concept and VIXX fans are mad that BTS randomly dropped their MV the same night VIXX did when BTS comeback isn’t for another two weeks.

I can understand both sides. The multiple part concept though has been around for a while and many groups are doing it now it seems. But BTS fans might feel that it was something special to them.

I also understand the VIXX side because at first I was kind of like “why did they release their MV at the same time as VIXX comeback?” It felt a little off and fishy and some people claim that BTS agency is doing it to prevent any momentum gathering for VIXX. Like yes they could have picked a better time to drop the MV honestly but BTS does release crap out of nowhere and it’s not the first time it’s happened.

Besides, I actually think Eunji had the best song out of any of the recent comebacks. Her album is really good and feels sweet and her voice is insane!

Not to mention 17, UNIQ, TWICE, LOVELYZ and others are about to drop their new stuff as well.

Let’s just hope fans don’t act cray and ruin it for the rest of us.




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