DCOM B.C.: Disney Channel Original Movies before they sucked.


After talking with some friends and buying (and eating) some American chocolate I managed to calm down and finish my backwards Rizzoli and Isles DVD marathon (started with season 4 now on season 1).

So today I almost felt comatose as I entered one of my least favorite classes. To start off…the computer was so slow that the internet did not want to work. So I had to improvise. But what was the best before that was the fact my co2 had no idea what lesson we were on despite keeping a calander within her reach.

The class honestly wasn’t that bad but these particular set of students have a few students who fit the lazy, bratty type very well.

One of my students who I found out last week in fact can read and write English well, but can’t speak it, refused to do his worksheet.

I knew some of the kids weren’t doing their work again so I again chose to check their work before they left. The one student stayed behind and had to do it during his break time. I’m hoping he realizes he can leave with everyone else if he does his work. It’s not like I’m making him speak, something that he has a lot of trouble with. I know he can do written work. He just doesn’t like to do it.

Next week I’m really going to start enforcing the “show me your work” before you leave. I tried the “if you all do it you all get a point, but if some people don’t do their work no one gets a point” and I think for a smaller class that would work. But I have too many students not doing it that the others can’t convince them. So I ‘single’ them out. I don’t think it’s a necesarily negative way either. I’m not making fun of them, I’m not belittleing them. I’m simply making them stay behind. Some might find this harsh or that they will be made fun of by their peers.

But I don’t think so. I  think it shows the student the outcome of the choice they had (either do it now, or stay after later) without humiliating them.

Anyway today is Friday and thank god it is because I can’t take anymore of work. Usually I am someone who likes to see my kids and miss them on the weekends. But But this week I’ve been deprived of my favorite classes and stuck with nightmare students instead.


So moving on to movies and tv shows:

As I mentioned above I’ve been watching a lot of Rizzoli and Isles lately so I have not had the chance to really to watch anything new.

I have plans to start Descendents of the Sun soon. (it’s a kdrama). And seeing as I’ve already reviewed Rizzoli and Isles…and I haven’t been to the movies in a while so ….


Well I did see that Disney Channel is going to air 100 of their DCOM (old lingo for Disney Channel Original Movie) soon. Now I really loved the older DCOM’s. Cadet Kelly, Wendy Wu, Motocross, Model Behavoior, Buffalo Dreams…but I kind of feel like after High School Musical came out…the quality content went down. Or I just got older. But I think…the content really became …vanilla.


I mean who remembers how great of a movie “Color of Friendship” was. It was based on the real story of how a white south african girl came to the usa during the apartied and stayed with a black american family. The movie was so well done and not afraid to tackle the issue.

Wendy Wu Homecoming Warrior can be seen as stereotypical “Asian”. But I wouldn’t say it is. The main characters are all Asian. You have your Asian Americans who have no accent and are apart of the American cultural life and want nothing to do with their heritage. You have the “new” FOB guy with the accent and you have the parents who are kind of caught in the middle. What I really love about this movie is that there isn’t a need for a “white person” to be the central character surrounded by Asians (Last Samurai). It’s a movie with a predomietly Asian cast that yes has the Chinese component but it also has modern American teenage life. It showed that Asians can be cast and carry and entire movie .


Where Wendy Wu really showed that Asian Americans can be cast as leads without needing a white central character, Buffalo Dreams kind of failed. Though the movie at times becomes I think a little stereotypical, it does portray Native Americans in a more modern light. I mean it’s one of my favorite if not favorite DCOM movie and  I am very aware of it’s flaws but it felt fresh and different. And wasn’t afraid to touch on the subject of people not respecting Native Americans traditions, lands and  over all being.

Then of course we all love Motocross and Cadet kelly not for their outstanding meaningful message, but because they are just damn good movies.

I know a lot of late 90’s early 2000’s kids will be watching this marathon AKA a lot of my friends back in the states. Hope they enjoy it for me!

PS I caved. Yes I do like Dynamite by VIXX…I should have just trusted them. I think I was so disappointed because of what I thought was going to happen and when it didn’t it was such a big let down. Also the MV wasn’t super impressive and I don’t like blonde Ken . But yes I dig the song.




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