I feel like a woman (who has a man’s voice)


I’m not exactly sure when I really started noticing it but I’ve now accepted the simple truth that if I know you well enough and become comfortable enough my voice will deepen.

So it wasn’t too much of a surprise that the first time I met my choir director he assumed I was an alto.

Today one of the non English speak teachers wanted my help with ordering a dress online on an English website and she brought the 6th grade English teacher and one of the closest colleagues I have .

She told me that the teacher said I look so young my but voice is mature/older sounding/deeper.

I kind of get a sick amusement out of it. I know that I have a baby face and my speaking voice doesn’t quiet match my face sometimes, and it definitely doesn’t match my singing voice.

Moving on, I know that I forgot to post yesterday because I was busy budgeting (my new favorite word NOT) so I can afford a plane ticket to visit home this summer.

My weekend was slightly interesting. Hung out with my friend and we went buy the Myeongdong Music Korea to buy albums to try to get into the VIXX fansign. Didn’t get in-some girls there had bought 100 albums! But it was still fun to enter. Bought my friend some things she wanted as well.

We also checked out the new SUM Market at SM which is kind of cool.

I finally made it to Seoul Forest!

It was a dusty day but it was sunny and the weather was pretty nice. We went to the insect garden area, and the deer corral. Koreans tend to be very afraid of animals larger than toy poodles. But not me!

I got to feed and pet the deer. They were so cute. Then we even saw the bunnies who were also very very cute.

I want a pet so badly but I know the life I’m currently leading doesn’t allow for that. Maybe when I get a little older and start spending the weekends at home.

The butterfly garden has yet to be opened (we think because the butterflies haven’t quite finished hatching yet) but we could look inside and see them.

The Seoul forest is really easy to get to. The station is ‘Seoul Forest’ on the yellow line (Bundang Line) and you got out of exit 3 and just walk straight until you see the big white letters that say it.

The map looks very large and you think how am I ever going to walk there but the map is not really drawn to scale..it’s much bigger than the actual place.

You can bring you dog or food and have a picnic. There were many people hanging out and sleeping on the little wooden flats or walking with their dog. It was a really nice space though not quite a “forest”.

I find a lot of my transportation station names and exits on english.visitkorea.or.kr

It’s really easy to navigate : it gives you times and possible fees as well as transportation information.

Now …. onto Tuesday: Modern Life

We’ve been covering some really heavy topics lately but that’s what the news has been full of. And I could address the patheticness (my new word) that is Britain having to issue a travel warning to the LGBT citizens about going to specific parts of the USA-aka North Carolina who is going to suffer a great deal with summer coming up, and the idiot state that still has the confederate flag on it’s actual flag.

But in lieu of that, I’ve decided to keep it light and address student bullying. Which in fact it is not a light subject at all.

I am lucky enough not to see any real harsh bullying. I have a few students here or there that may be “picked on” -the student does or says student and all the other students get annoyed by it-but overall they are pretty supportive.

Yesterday for example I have one student who is likes to ask a lot of questions, likes to be very vocal and is very excitable. He’s a good kid and even though he’s loud he’s not disruptive for the most part. He’s very enthusiatic. But some of this classmates become annoyed by him because he is a little bit different.

The fifth graders are really messy so my co teacher had them clean up a bit before they left. Well the one student decided to bring out the brooms and dustpan. Of course it took a little more time but he was doing what he was asked-the other children got frustrated because he was taking up their time to leave.

Well thankfully my co teacher put an end to that.  She reminded them that they needed to respect the classroom and the class which includes other students. i was glad that she mentioned all of this to them.

On the flip side my 5-2 class has one student whose English is very poor (not my special student) and when I had her stand up and read something out loud today she managed to do it. I was so shocked. The whole class was shocked as well and were all really supportive of her.

Or my 5-4 class, Yejin is so shy but her seatmate Myung Ha constantly is talking to her, taking care of her it’s too cute.

I’ve never had any real issues with bullying. But I know that my friend who teacher 3-6 grade has major bullying issues. Higher level students bullying lower leverl students and such-writing curse words about them and everything. So I’m very happy that my kids tease but none of it is malicious.

I know that it might seem too early to look out for signs of bullying but nasty behavior starts at any time for any reason. As a victim of bullying (high school..the worst) I know how hurtful it can be. I do my best to lead by example. I don’t laugh at my students but I do laugh with them. I can occasionally tease gently (asking one my favorite students Min Jong which girl character is his girlfriend) but it’s never nasty.

I’m also trying to teach them to listen to what others have to say. Whether it be reading or sharing. Listening is such a lost art especially here in Korea. Not only should they be paying attention and not talking, but it teaches them listen to what their classmates are saying. Somehow I guess I’m hoping this will improve communication between them as well.

So that’s really it for today. It’s not much because I spent a lot of time with daycare c who wanted to play 3 rounds of bingo today.



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