I’m Mr. Heat Miser


Maybe I was so caught up with trying to get my shit together and learn how to live a proper life here in Korea but I don’t remember the weather being this fickle.

It’s been up and down: extreme up and down. We haven’t had any snow but we’ve gone back down to 40 degrees while soaring to 86 yesterday.But today is a high of 65. I don’t understand why the weather is more fickle the EXO Baekhyun’s hair color.

It’s been hard because I’m trying to switch over my winter wardrobe to summer but I can’t quite put all my “winter clothes” away but I can’t continue to live just on sweatshirts. It’s been awkwardly stressful.

Yesterday afternoon I was tempted to break out my fan, but then around 7pm it dropped and it became very cool.

It’s been this nasty overcast color all day without actually raining.

I guess this is just nasty spring weather.

Another issue is the “yellow dust” that is coming from China. For those of you who don’t know what that is: it’s Chinese pollution mixed in with the sand from the Gobi desert that blows over to Korea causing nasty sickness.

Everyone is wearing masks and I probably should be wearing one but last year I did really well without one. And between the nasty pollen allergic reaction, I’m not sure there is much of a difference for me.

I have noticed though that despite being a little bit more humid my hands in paricular have been dry and peeling. I’m wondering if that could be caused by the yellow dust? It’s strange that they are peeling so badly in spring.

Now that’s it’s Wednesday…....Music Wednesday!

I would like to preface with this though: Next week we have a 3 day “spring vacation” meaning I only have Monday and Tuesday . So I will not be updating o next Wednesday-Friday. So I am going to rearrange a few things:

This week will go on as usual but next week:

Monday: I will add music monday

Tuesday: I will delete modern life segement and place my weekend plans (which are actually legit this time) as well as lesson plans.

So to continue on Music Wednesday….where do I begin?

There have been so many comebacks lately as well as BTS putting up a thousand things though their comeback isn’t for another week and a half.

I think it was little dumb that their ‘young forever’ trailer happened to be on the same day and time as VIXX’s comeback but I will ignore it and hope it was just a stupid error on the part of Big Hit Entertainement rather than entertain the idea that Big Hit did it intentionally to take the spotlight away from VIXX.

Another update…I will admit I once again eat my words. The VIXX comeback ….is damn good. I think I was so caught up in wanting to hear that massive epic sounding song that they teased with instead of what actually was put out.

But now that I can listen to it on it’s own I do really really love it. Still not a big fan of the MV or Ken’s blonde perm. But it’s for sure grown on my like a fungus (but less gross).

However, today’s choice is in fact NOT KPOP! Shocked I’m sure.

But the Goo Goo Dolls are prepping to release a new album May 6. It might be one of the few imported albums that I get here in Korea.

Now I grew up listening to a lot of post grunge songs during the 90’s up until the early 2000’s. But I really didn’t become a fan until I was in college.

I had a very tragic experince where my 20 month old Boxer/Dalmatian puppy contracted osteosarcoma in August and died on my birthday 3 months later. It was a traumatic time and I went into a tailspin.

The only thing that really kept my head above water was the Goo Goo Dolls. John Rzeznick’s lyrics really resonated with me on all levels as well as the simplicity of the songs. It was some high produced pop song (though clearly I love those) nor was his voice anything special (I’m super picky) but at that specific time, the Goo Goo Dolls music was what I needed to keep going.

What made me think of this was a post in an online KPOP group I belong to. Someone posted “how has KPOP changed your life” and some were the simple answers like “i’m learning korean” or “I really learned to love music despite knowing the lyrics” but others were more intense. Someone mentioned their husband cheating on them and KPOP helped them find the strength to leave while another had mentioned they were previously suicidal and depressed and KPOP got them through it.

Now KPOP didn’t quite do any of those things for me though VIXX kind of came a little close, but the Goo Goo Dolls would have to be the band that really kind of ‘aved me” if you will.

I don’t listen to them as much any more for a variety of reasons: they haven’t been putting as much out since they are older and their drummer left, I’m in a KPOP phase now which refuses to die, as well as when I do listen to them, it takes me bac to a place and time that yes I’m grateful to them for having them to listen to, but also the reason why I needed to in the first place.  I still consider them one of my favorite bands and while even I admit their music hasn’t been as good in the recent years, I still am loyal.

They also taught me how to listen to lyrics and really have an appreciation for them. Most of my singing as a kid was in church and as much of a Christian as I am (which is probably not at all to some people) I don’t really feel resonance with singing about God or Jesus. I’ve always been more into listening to vocal ability and tone and the melodies rather than what the song is actually about. This is probably a reason that I do like KPOP so much-I don’t really need to know what the song is about as long as it sounds good to me and the singers are talented.

So here is a single from their new album and hopefully I will be able to find it here within a resonable price:




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