Dumb Dumb


Yes, I happen to be listening to a mash up of Red Velvet’s Dumb Dumb and Jessie J/Ariana Grande/Nicky Bang Bang and it’s works a little too well.

But I am also a Dumb Dumb for not posting yesterday. Sadly I was seduced by “Descendants of the Sun”. And because it’s Friday I can review it!

But first yesterday’s post:

Lesson Plan

A lot of the time my kids either are too shy to talk or simply can’t in front of the rest of the class. They also won’t raise their hand to volunteer for answers which earn them points.

So I decided to do a quick warm up that would allow me to gauge if they 1. are struggling with the lessons or 2. just don’t feel comfortable speaking.

Because I learned this week that a lot of my kids are 1 or 2 options.

  1. the kind that can speak but are not able to really read or write/spell
  2. the kind that can write but either won’t or can’t speak

So what I did (we are on lesson 4) is take key phrases/questions from the previous chapters and put them on cards (laminate so you can reuse) and the number oif points they get when they answer. Harder or longer questions are 2 points while simpler questions are 1 point. There is also a “punishment” option and “pass option’. The kids have to line up at the door and pick one card out of the hat before they can enter the classroom.

This was a good warm up because I gained some information about my students by spending some one on one time with them however briefly. I learned that one of my students who I thought was totally illiterate in English confidently answered my question with no problem  which was shocking.

It’s an easy thing to make (about 30 cards for my 30 students) and a bag for the kids to pick out of.


Moving onto Movie/TV Friday! Disclaimer-I won’t be giving away much but if you haven’t finished DotS you might not want to read.

I really got into Hallyu culture through KPOP though I did windup watching dramas not too long after though if I had to choose, KPOP always comes before drama for a few reasons.

The music on OST tend to be over the top cheesy at times, I don’t find the actors as handsome, the take up so much of my time, they get repetitve (aka I usually want to strangle the lead female) and many other reasons.

And because DotS was written by the same person as ‘Heirs’ I was really skeptical. I originally like the writer with Secret Garden but with ‘Heirs’….it has its good points but over all it I wanted to shove bamboo shoots under my nails at the end.

But after the suggestion of my friend and my own interest in it, I started it on Wednesday (I think. I don’t actually remember but it was sometime this week). The first episode was strong. Just about every episode is strong, no real ‘filler’ which I think really makes it a great drama.

Though I do go through periods of hating “Kang Mo Yeon” the main female, overall I can stand her. So let’s take a closer look at why I marathoned through this in a few days.

Characters: Like ‘Heirs’ there is the main couple but with a few other couples in the background. But in DotS the main couple was in front, but the others felt just as important. They were all pretty well developed too. No one was really there for the sake of being there. And when someone’s storyline ended, they didn’t drag it out. Nor was anyone kind of just forgotten about like the thief from the opening episodes. He wasn’t necessarily central to the story but he was brought back at appropriate moments. Same with Jin-the horrible manager. When his storyline was over, he was done.

Love Story: though there was a lot of “love story” story, it wasn’t always the main focus which was nice. There was a lot of issues going (the drama really should be named Descendants of Murphy-anything that can go wrong will) that forced tension and pushed the characters that wasn’t just about love. Also there was no horrible love triangle THANK GOD. That motif needs to die in Kdrama…Heirs was without a doubt the worst I’ve ever seen. I don’t want to reveal too much but the ending for the couples was also very satisfying.

Location: One thing I really like, is the idea that it’s set in another place (a made up place called Uruk-of course me being the LOTR nerd I am keeps thinks Uruk Hai are going to bust out) It allowed us to watch the characters expericne something together that takes place outside of the Korean society. Unlike Heirs where it was all about “social issues” this was more about human issues. And when we do go back to Korea later on, we feel like we’ve been on that journey-we too got used to Uruk so Korea feels a little out of place. And when there is a jack hammering construction moment and the doctors dive under a table thinking it’s another Earthquake, we understand why.

Topics: I was really moved by the scene where Song Joong Ki is killing someone at the same time that “Kang Mo Yeon” is saving someone. This because a legit issue for them. It’s refreshing to see an issue that is more important than money. It’s not just a mom saying to someone “you can’t be with her because she’s poor.” It’s a moral decision on one of the characters mind and it really wreaks havoc on the relationship. On the flip side, it shows the reality that is sending your soldier SO off to war. Do you want to be involved with someone who might not come back? I really think this show resonates more because while it takes place in a fake land, the issues are real.

Onew played his part beautifully- a green doctor who learns the harsh reality of becoming a “real doctor”. And even when there is the issue of the “parental disapproval” it is not just about money nor is there no solution. It’s much more based in reality despite the obvious drama tension.

One issue that came up was human trafficking. I’m really shocked they touched this topic but glad they did.

OST: LOVE IT! The end.

English: yes…there is a lot of English. I guess because Uruk is a place that speaks English/Arabic/slavic languges? The lack of development about the fake country was a little confusing but at the same time not necessarily an integral part.Though not entirely cringe-worthy, the English wasn’t great. I’m glad they had did bring in a diverse cast for the many different ethnic roles. And I guess they wanted to use basic English but … the wording was very strange at times…something I’ve gotten used to.

Time: Each episode is 1 hour long (no commericals) and there are a total of 16 episodes. Yes of course there are cliffhangers.

My favorite parts: I personally loved the story between Dae Young and MyungJoo more than the main two. Though I really liked the realistic issues they have and their own personal struggles with it, I started becoming annoyed with Mo Yeon who kept going back and forth and Song Joong Ki who was ok with it every time. Also on a personal note, not that I’m beautiful far from it, but the actress who played Mo Yeon had these eyebrows that drove me nuts. (random I know). But I thought the storyline between the other two was more interesting, less annoying and over all better portrayed.  My favorite song was K.Will “Talk Love” -it was light hearted and fun without being typical cheesy. I heard it on the streets and it sounded like a regular release -and it’s everywhere. I also really liked Chen’s “Everytime” which I had heard prior to watching the show because well…it’s EXO’s Jongdae. How could I not listen to it?

Although it didn’t top Pinocchio or My Love From Another Star….it comes really close. As of now it’s definitely within my top 3, though it could possibly usurp My Love.  Kim Soo Hyun as Do Min Joo still remains my favorite male lead character though because no explaination needed.

So go watch it if you haven’t! (side note, if you’re wondering why I was listening to Red Velvet, it’s because the final episode has a hilarious moment where the soldiers fanboy over Red Velvet singing Dumb Dumb….that alone is worth watching the entire series)



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