Mournful Talking Love


This week is a short week and I can already tell that my students are ready for it.

Not only did I have non responsive/unfocused students today, but I too kind of am treating these two days as a joke. Not that my teaching as slacked, but I don’t feel the sense of urgency that I usually do.

It’s more relaxed but the difference is I am still trying to motivate and encourage learning where as the students would rather be doing anything else.

Not to mention the subject is a little boring after the fun “taste” lesson. This is one of those lessons that is just okay but still not as boring as the directions lesson.

As for the weekend I had my final chorus rehersal and will be having my concert this Saturday in Seoul! I am kind of relieved because both the traveling and the music itself was starting to wear on me. But I’m also very sad because my Sunday’s will be so free, and I won’t have an stress outlet nor a reason to get out of my apartment.

I’m thinking I will try to fill those with hiking or something of that nature (haha get it? nature? hiking?)

I did happen to pick up the new descedants of the sun soundtrack which I am now obsessed with.

And since this is a short week as I mentioned last week I am adding Music Wednesday to today’s topic.

Music Monday:

As shown above I have become obsessed with the soundtrack for DotS and my favorite song off of the album (which also happens to be playing EVERYWHERE) is K.Will’s Song “Talk Love”. In a show that can become dramatic and heavy at thimes, this song usually helps lighten things up. It also just makes you have a good mood when you listen to it. It’s a perfect summer song and you should add it to your summer playlist!  Another song I loved was Chen (from EXO) and Punch’s song “Everytime” which I won’t add here but you should take a listen to. Not as happy go lucky but still fits the show well.


And due to the fact that I am having my concert this Saturday I have decided to share one of my favorite piece -it was very hard selecting one because I have so many that I really do love (and a few not so much love).  I first sang this when I was 16 and if I remember correctly this was the first major work I ever sang which is probably why it’s so special to me.

I went on to do many other great works, Bach-Vivaldi-Dvork-Rutter but Mozart’s Requiem in D Minor is the only one I remember by heart and will play on my ipod just to play it.

I haven’t sung the piece in 10 years (wow!) and I didn’t know when or if I would get the chance to sing it ever again. But now that I do have this chance I knew I had to make the most of it which is why I dedicated myself to attending practices. I am really going to miss it. Choir was something very special to me in both college and high school, though high school a little bit more.

Though I still have my massive stage fright (trying out the solos I almost started crying …yay) singing in a choir is different. Some people don’t really understand it but it’s not really like anything else. Maybe dancing in a troupe. But unlike sports which relies upon teamwork, choir singing is about coming together as a group rather than group with individuals.

I haven’t had the chance to sing classically for so long that I wasn’t even sure what condition my voice would be in, but I think I managed to hang in there decently well.  Finding a balance between singing classically and having fun a norebang is kind of like heaven for me. Just enough of each to enjoy.


Mozart’s Lacrimosa (Mournful)

The first time I heard this piece I actually didn’t care for it. It wasn’t until I was older that I really felt how moving it was.

(side note if your a music nerd-this was Mozart’s final composition of the Requiem -he didn’t finish it because he died and his student wound up finishing the requiem)



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