(Concerts) Here, (Concerts) There, (Concerts) Everywhere


When 5th grader Korean male students notice your hair first thing…it can be very confusing initially. It happened consistently last year as well as this year. I really thought the girls would be the ones to say anything but it’s always the boys.

You don’t realize how much your students pay attention to you. I only see mine for class once a week (though I will see some in the hallways).

When I think back to my own school days, would I have noticed a change in teacher’s appearance? I’m not sure but I most assuredly would not have mentioned it if I had.

This shortened week has been a little difficult but not to the point of anger. Between the zombie kids, kids who lost their coupon book, the weather, the stupid humidity that suddenly showed up (and then suddenly disappeared leaving a now chilly 60 degrees) and the fact that my concert is on Friday two days felt like an entire week of work.

I’m grateful that I chose to leave for Busan tomorrow rather than try to leave tonight. Because my friend is staying with me on Friday I had to do a major cleaning. For about 3 weeks I’ve been in and out of winter/spring clothes transferring mode because the weather has been so bipolar. So I had clothes all over the apartment-that combined with the nasty yellow dust that swept in last week..my apartment looked like a group of raptors had been living in it.

I stayed up all night and 8 1/2 episodes of Downton Abbey Season 6 I was (almost) finished. And I woke up feeling like a truck had hit me.

So I will relax (with the nasty weather outside) and finish packing, and get things kind of in order for Saturday.

My weekend is going to be a lot of concerts…I just won’t be going to some of them.

My concert happens to be the same weekend that BTS is holding their latest concert. Over the span of 13 months this is the third solo concert series in Seoul. Seems a little excessive especially considering all the things they have been doing the last year.

So some of my friends will be going to that concert instead of mine on Saturday while one of my friend is going on Sunday so she will be able to make it. But hopefully we will be able to meet a little afterwards. My co teacher asked me if I’m nervous. I’m really not-I don’t get nervous for concerts because we will be performing as a group. I’m sure if I had been a soloist that would be very different. But I’m more excited than anything else. I’m glad we will be having two concerts because we worked really hard for this.

For me this was more about reconditioning my body, voice and overall skill rather than learning the piece because it’s one of those things where I don’t forget it. So as sick and tired of it as I was on Sunday and even yesterday, today I am starting to feel the sadness of it being over so soon.

For children’s day and the two days surrounding it off I have so I will head south to Busan. It’s been a long time since I was last there. And per usual it looks like ti will be raining again…like all my other trips to Busan; which is why I haven’t really seen anything of Busan other than shopping and beaches.

So that is my super fun weekend.

As for Lesson Planning

So my co2 and I have had been getting along much better once I kind of just let her “discpline” the kids (though this still doesn’t work with our rowdier classes). Though on occasion when the class is completely out of control I will step in but other than that I’m too tired of dealing with them being disrespectful and her inability to control them.

But one thing she did do that seems to be somewhat effective is make individual cards of the key phrases and vocab for the lesson. I let her review with them before hand otherwise we would be diving right into the warm up/lesson which they still wouldn’t be ready for.

She laminates each of them so they last. Then she will put them on the board in a word scramble. She will call on some of the students and ask them to make a sentence out of the words on the board. Usually the students can do it well.

The only suggestion I would make is to not pick the same students over and over as she tends to do. Also try to mix it between students with different levels of skill and participation.  For instance last chapter was all about taste. So she had cards that had the words “sweet” “salty” “too” “Do you want” “some more” and the kids would need to make the sentence.

Easy and a quick warm up to do.

So that’s it. Today’s not too exciting because I’m tired, thinking about all the stuff I have to do .

OH! And the Pyeongtaek Schools (or at least mine) have decided to follow the ban ban on the personal email that Osan put in place starting March 1. So any fellow English teachers in that general area, you will not be able to access your gmail account on the school computer or internet. I was told this was to prevent “sensative information” from being sent out which included job postings. Basically it sounds sketch as hell. We were “issued” a Korean government sanctioned email address. But 1 unless you know enough Korean to figure it out, you are screwed.

So have a good extended weekend if you are a fellow teacher in Korea!



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