Well it’s been about 2 weeks or so since I decided to follow  the advice given to me by co1 (the one I’ve been with for a year now) and relax on my strictness.

I do think for some of the kids it has worked. I had to relearn how to deal with kids who didn’t want to talk and were too afraid to ask for help.  Now some of the shier students are coming out of their shells, and I pick them for writing activities so they can shine.

Interestingly enough, I’ve also had a few reverse moments. In the beginning of the year the students could only write but not speak. Now, a lot of the kids are speaking, at an alaraming rate actually, but their writing and spelling isn’t as good. I don’t really have a problem with horrible spelling because I’m not a great speller myself in both English and definetely Korean.

As long as they can recognize the words in hearing and listening form, I’m happy.

However, with all of that being said…I will say this ….I was right.

My 5-3 class which I both love and hate is the wild class that pushed me over the top at the beginning of the year.It’s also the class that I’ve most noticably relaxed with rules.

At first the class seeemd to flourish. Then last week it was a little less. And then this week…all hell broke loose by the end. I am proud to say it was not during my part of the lesson that this happened.

Even though I have relaxed I do keep a tight hold on the kids. I do wait for them to be quiet and ask them to be quiet.

But my co2 (the one I’ve had the most issues with)…..well  let’s start with today shall we?

The class took forever to get started because my co is someone who doesn’t seem to understand that you should be focusing on class and the class only. She was busy with fixing a chair that didn’t need to be fixed at that exact moment. Bascially I had to prompt her to start her part of the lesson….review with the kids.

Then we jumped into the lesson which I went over with her yesterday afternoon.She didn’t tell me then, but rather in the middle of the activity that Korean schools do not have set schuedels-every week the teacher changes the schedueles except for classes in other rooms like mine.

Then when I was suddenly brought up to speed (I don’t know why she didn’t tell me this yesterday as I explained what I wanted the kids to do) she tried to teach me how it changed and I was like “Uh let’s do it later. We should be helping the kids focus and do their activity.” I swear, I don’t know how her classes go when she’s alone with them.

Though we got through my part of the lesson decently well, there were times that I was talking and about 50% of the kids were not paying attention or talking. And I just went along with it because “I was too strict” before.

The kids were loud today. The mood was different than how it had been and I guess my co teacher couldn’t even deny that.

She stopped them several times for talking too much in class even saying to them “I’m worried about open class.” Well yeah I would be too. I ‘d be worried that parents are going to see how I can’t control my class.

Luckily I have my open class with the other co which will be fine-one of my favorite classes combined with the good co teacher…cake.

But back to our lovely 5-3 class.

At the end of the lesson, she wanted to give a reading test. Granted, she is not supposed to be doing this during my time anyway as she was told yesterday. But I guess she didn’t really care.

I had to help my special student because of his needs. So I figured she could hangle the class taking a test. Turns out she couldn’t. Not only could some not see the paper, she didn’t answer their questions so I had a bunch of students ask me what it was but I didn’t know because 1. it was hard to see 2. it’s not my test.

The test then descended into chaos. Students talking through the test. Students copying the answers from other students. Students throwing pencils at each other. Basically a class gone wild.


This next part may seem cruel, but I did nothing. There wasn’t really much for me to do anyway. I was focusing on the student that needed it. And when he was finished I guess she had had enough.

She became very upset, lectured them. She became very strict with them and even asked two boys to stay behind due to their talking.

The last time I did this she said I was “too strict”. One of the students is a talker but I let him get away with it because he’s usually socializing and talking with my speical needs students. As long as he gets his work done, which he does quickly because his English is really good, then I let him engage with my special student.

Basically to sum it all up-m co teacher got what was coming to her. It might have taken longer than I thought it would, and yes I had to relearn how to teach to new fifth graders.

But shrugging off my rules, saying I’m too strict, not translating, not being helpful, not knowing the lesson plan…it all came to a head for her today. And now she knows how I felt those first few weeks where she did the same thing I did today…nothing.

Hopefully she learns from this. Otherwise her open class next week is going to be insane.

Now moving on.

Yesterday I was supposed to do “Modern Issues” but with the headaches I havne’t really been doing much.

I decided to go with the latest issue: abortion.

Trump states (but then kind of recanted?) that women who have abortions should be punished.

Uh ok. Sure. Because putting them through the hell of making the decision, going through with it and then having to live with it isn’t punishment enough.

Now I am living proof that women who don’t want to keep their babies can choose to have them put up for adoption.

But not every woman is able to do that.

Let’s take a look at some factors.

Age: My birth parents were in the early 20’s when they found out they were having a baby (well two because I was a twin).That’s  still young but you are at an age where you know the consequences of your actions and you should be able to deal with them like an adult.

But then there are stupid teenagers. Kids who are pregnant. I’m not going to use the cliche “don’t force teenagers to have babies because you’ll ruin their lives.” But I will say that theses are kids. And not only will their lives be changed in many ways (not bad necessarily) but those around them. Kids these days growing up already are growing up faster than when I was a kid. Technology and parenting is doing that. So I want kids to be able to be kids as long as they can. And if a 13 year old make a dumbass mistake, I cannot say that I would condemn her for not being able to go through with having a baby.  She’s still a kid.

Baby Daddy:

Not everyone has a baby with the person they envisioned. Sometimes parents are abl to go their separate ways and maintain a good relationship for the child. Sometimes parents get together because they love their child.

And then there are those who are victims or sexual assult. Rape is Rape.

Rape victims already have to deal with what was done to them. But to force a woman to have the baby of the man that raped her….that’s another level of disgusting. Not only does the mother have to live with it but the child does too. Not to say that rape babies can’t be normal human beings or that their mother’s won’t love them. Even though she’s fictional look at Olivia Benson from SVU.

But a woman shouldn’t feel that she has no other choice. She already had something done to her without a choice…having a baby shouldn’t be the next one.



In certain cases the mother’s health is at risk. My one friend had a difficult pregnancy where we almost lost her. Some women would make the call save  the baby. But in other cases , save the mom. It’s a hard call to make but the woman and to some extent the husband as well should be the ones making the call. Not some law.

Overall abortion is such a tricky topic. I personally despite being a possible case of abortion am Pro Choice. I think that women should have the right to choose within the first semester or unless the mother’s health is as risk later on.


Not everyone has the means to have a baby-or even carry one. Your body takes a hit-diet, physical activity, moods etc. Not to mention all the prenatal care for both the baby and the mom. It adds up to a lot of money.

It’s not a feasible option to wait it out, then putting the baby up for adoption.


I think that abortion needs to be legal because that’s the only way to regulate it. If it becomes illegal women will still find ways to get it done causing more harm done to them and the babies. There will be no regulation or safety precautions.

It also needs to be accessible. I’ve seen articles lately that are mentioning how some states are making it next to impossible to have an abortion. It also mentions the new protocols for having one-like making a woman wait a certain amount of time before getting one done or listening  to a heart beat. To some extent I can understand the waiting bit. But for people who live so far away from the clinics, it becomes a problem. They either need to make more clinics available or loosen up on the law.

Now that the Tuesday heavy topic is off the plate ..let’s move on to FUN MUSIC WEDNESDAY! (I literally could make everyday this day but…I was told to ease up on the KPOP….. -_-)


Now before I choose my song of the day and why I will say…the BLOCK B concert changed my mind A LITTLE about 2 of their songs.

I still hate Jackpot but the live version wasn’t as bad. As for their new comeback single which is in fact NOT their comeback title track, it’s a work in progress-like I can listen to it and not be mad about it.

Zico said that their new album is going to be very different than the typical BLOCK B sound. But In all honesty BLOCK B has changed a bit.

The heavier sounds of Naliana and Nilili Mambo are gone. Even Very Good and Jackpot don’t really fit. Their last comeback, “Her” was so different I couldn’t eene understand it. But I liked it enough.

Now this comeback is said to be not an uptempo song and from the teaser from their concert it sounds about the same string as “A Few Years Later.” So we will see

As for VIXX releasing all that information regarding the April 19th comeback….too much. I swear. With Ken and N’s new hair…I’m definetly intruiged.

As for the song of the day….don’t kill me. It’s actually going to be two.

1 is MAMAMOO’s song for the LG Phone. I don’t really consider this a legit song because I’m not sure how legit it is. I think it’s just a cute song promoting the phone  through placement advertising because I’m not sure what the song is actually about. But whatever it is I love it.  Wheein’s vocals are ridiculous and even though I though the rap break down was a slightly awkward placement, it’s Moonbyul killing it with her dancing. Not to mention Hwa Sa and Solar looking great!

2 It’s with a heavy heart that I say Minzy has left 2ne1. WIth Bigbang being my first KPOP group, it would be natural that my first girl group was 2ne1. I thought they were the best at everything. Bom was my favorite because of her personality. Still pissed that the “drug” issue was ever an issue.

But between the failed comebacks, pathetic support and promotions, and overall bad managing, I’ve really fell out of love with YG

Can’t say I was too surprised that Minzy was leaving. I honestly thought the whole group was going to disband. CL clearly is doing nothing in USA. Bom has to hide her face from the Korean public. Dara is busy doing her activities in Philippines well and Minzy has been in school and opening her dance studio.

With the way the new groups are coming out , and pushing out comebacks, it’s made the YG family look lazy .Sure they have a great fan base…but what have they done since then? Even the Big Bang concert was less exciting than the other ones I’ve been to.

So to commemorate a time when I still loved YG and 2ne1 was still a powerhouse 4 member group, I leave you with their biggest hit. *Sidenote 2ne1 said they will have a comeback this summer. I will believe it when I see it (cough Big Bang’s comeback/their album that still has yet to be produced/ CL debut/Winner comeback/ikon debut/AKM comeback/LEE HI comeback..shall I even bother to continue?)



Since it’s Ken from VIXX birthday today….and Ken’s voice is…all of Ken is just….VIXX makes me lose words 🙂




So that’s it for today. My daycare got cancelled and now I will have to do 2 classes tomorrow….ugh. I find the more students, the more chaotic. So tomorrow will definitely be chaotic.

As for the rest of the day? Lesson planning, budgeting planning and excitedly counting down the days to  Block B comeback, Vixx comeback, my iphone arriving!






Day 9: It Hurts…because I’ll never be as beautiful as Dara


…..just kidding…well I’m not but I am.  Anyway, we are on Day 9 of the KPOP Halloween challenge! And we have finally, another girl group 2NE1! Even though I am big fan of theirs, and I love love love Park Bom, I’ve never actually seen this MV before.

It wasn’t necessarily creepy, but more….dark fairy tale like? If that makes sense.  Like if Tim Burton’s world was suddenly a reality….you know bones on cakes and super long frizzy hair and majestic black see through umbrella’s that will not protect you from rain but make you look dark in a beautiful kind of way.

At first, I didn’t feel the song fit the MV well.  The whole “halloween” concept seemed to be too weird for a seemingly normal break up song.  But the more I watched, and the more I listened I found, while still thinking it’s a strange pairing, that it wasn’t as strange as I initially thought.

2NE1 all looks amazing in this concept, especially Bom’s hair. In the dreary, bleak MV, her hair sticks out in a great way.  It’s teal…but not a super bright teal what would blind you.

2NE1 has had so many issues….and I’m starting to wonder if they will ever reform.  That being said, they are YG and after BIGBANG’s suddent 3 year hiatus, I hope that 2NE1 will be back soon.  Park Bom had the (stupid and unesscary) drug scandal that should have never even been a thing. CL ….still waiting for her US debut (that horrible Dr. pepper mess doens’t count). Minzy recently opened a dance school and Dara is doing acting work abroad.

So I know they are working, but I really miss the badass chicks of 2NE1.  They left this huge gap when they went on this (break?) and it has yet to be filled.

I hope Papa YG learns than putting off debuts and comebacks doesn’t automatically mean success *cough* IKON gross debut *cough*.

On that note, I hope you guys find this MV as cool and interesting as I did, as it certainly fits within the requirements for a Happy KPOP Halloween.