Day 12: Cute Zombies and “scary” wolves


Second to last day of this 13 day KPOP Halloween Challenge!

I can’t believe it!

As today’s subject line says, you can expect cute zombies and “scary” wolves…as anyone who knows me well, these two are backwards.  I am terrified of zombies ( I don’t know when or why this started) and can’t even stand the sight of pictures or previews for the Walking Dead.

But today….that’s all changed.

First up is our honorable mention: SPEED’s Zombie Party.

zombie + party + KPOP = cute nonthreatening zombies.

I know next to nothing about SPEED except that I’ve seen them live at Dream Concert….that’s it. The video itself doesn’t have much to it.  Just them dancing around like zombies, then a girl is randomly in there at one point…I don’t know.  But to me it felt almost satirical-like we weren’t supposed to take them seriously.  I mean the dance …come on.

Also the song while at times had that harsher sounding guitar in it (much like Block B’s Very Good from yesterday’s post) overall it felt like a fun upbeat dance song.  Hence, why I think SPEED as zombies aren’t meant to be scary.

Honestly, the scariest part of the entire song is when they say “we zombie party.”

Official MV: EXO’s Wolf

Here’s the thing…this MV and song is scary…but not for the reasons you think.

  1. The fact that it was a hit.  This song is horrible.  I hated it before I hated EXO. I hated it when I hated EXO.  I still hate it now that I’ve accepted that I “stan” EXO. If I was given the opportunity to unhear a song or unsee a MV….this would probably be #2 right after ikon’s “Rhythm Ta” (sidenote it used to be #1 but ikon’s debut song pisses me off for multiple reasons…beside the fact it basically stole the hook from GDX TY  Good boy)
  2. Fashion Terrorists: Luhan’s fuzzy sleeve collars. Chanyeol in a fedora+  bandanna = painful to look at, D.O. ruffled sleeved shirt (why?), Baekhyun’s blonde perm that makes him look too pretty  which then in turn doesn’t match when you see his armpit hair…. Sehun’s rainbow hair which is bad in and of itself….but when you add in the fact this is supposed to be a slightly darker “wolf ” theme….
  3. The wolf ears choreography I can’t.
  4. The best part about this song is the first 10 seconds with the tree of life…then Chanyeol says : 촉이 와
  5. The translation……if you want to be both amused and slightly horrified….

But the real scariest thing about this entire MV…..

……Kai’s braids.

Ok that concludes my EXO Wolf rant…it’s probably hard to believe that I really do like EXO after that mess…but I just can’t stand that song….my friend suggested I use it and while at first it may not look worthy…but there are many “scary” things in that MV…aside the glowing red eyes wolf sounds.

Tomorrow is the last day! I will do my best because it is not a weekday and as you probably can see I do my best to keep busy on the weekends. But I will try to remember ….hopefully…considering I’ve been waiting to post tomorrow’s since this whole thing started


Day 10:…because it’s double digits…


We are on Day 10 of the 13 day KPOP Halloween Challenge…and because there are two digits…I figured we would do one as part of the “official” countdown, and one honorable mention.

Shockingly enough, when I started I had the hardest time coming up with a 13 day list (that didn’t include half of VIXX’s songs).

But after working on this list for now 10 days, I have found more than enough.  So for the remainder of the days (i justified it as they have two digits thus two songs) we will be doing one honorable mention and one official.

I had no put any of these in order (except for number 1 which I have been saving) because some of these are songs/ MV that I am seeing for the first time.  Of course I would be biased to my favorite groups (not just because they happen to be infamous for dark concepts).

So today’ honorable mention goes to….BIGFLO: Obliviate (pronounced o-bliv-ee-ah-tay….no joke.  I really liked the kind of Harry Potter theme, and the fact they dance with capes and Harry Potter wands on the live stages.  This video will be their show performances so you can check out their “wand waving” dance….and if you really want, you can check out the MV which is also very cool Halloween feel.  The song itself is not bad, but its not something I would go out of my way to listen to.

As for the real MV included in this 13 day list, today is JYJ (or if you still need it to be a certain way DBSK/TVXQ) Jaejoong.  Other than the fact that this definitely fits the weird/creepy/Halloween/dark/evil theme extremely well, nothing else is my style.  I know a lot of people love Jaejoong’s look and voice but for me ….there is nothing there and he sounds like he’s screaming at times. (*side note I do really like Mirotic which I know everyone does)

However, other than Jaejoong there only has been one other solo artist on this list, and I did want to expand beyond bands I knew, or the easier/more common songs (that’s not to say that there won’t be any).  I’ve learned not to be close minded about groups, or songs or themes when it comes to KPOP.

If that was the case, I would still be listening to only western and classical music somewhere in America.  It wasn’t really until I went to see VIXX that I learned to open up to new KPOP artists.  That’s why I go to as many concerts as I do.  I’ve fallen for VIXX, TEEN TOP, *EXO (this is another whole issue), Junsu of 2PM, JR of GOT7 all at live concerts and shows.  So going to concerts all the time isn’t just to fill a need but knowing what I could be missing out on (HELLO VIXX), it’s worth it going.

So in conclusion, while neither song will be making an appearance on my playlist any time soon, I am glad I watched and listened to try and expand my interests as a KPOP fan.

Day 9: It Hurts…because I’ll never be as beautiful as Dara


…..just kidding…well I’m not but I am.  Anyway, we are on Day 9 of the KPOP Halloween challenge! And we have finally, another girl group 2NE1! Even though I am big fan of theirs, and I love love love Park Bom, I’ve never actually seen this MV before.

It wasn’t necessarily creepy, but more….dark fairy tale like? If that makes sense.  Like if Tim Burton’s world was suddenly a reality….you know bones on cakes and super long frizzy hair and majestic black see through umbrella’s that will not protect you from rain but make you look dark in a beautiful kind of way.

At first, I didn’t feel the song fit the MV well.  The whole “halloween” concept seemed to be too weird for a seemingly normal break up song.  But the more I watched, and the more I listened I found, while still thinking it’s a strange pairing, that it wasn’t as strange as I initially thought.

2NE1 all looks amazing in this concept, especially Bom’s hair. In the dreary, bleak MV, her hair sticks out in a great way.  It’s teal…but not a super bright teal what would blind you.

2NE1 has had so many issues….and I’m starting to wonder if they will ever reform.  That being said, they are YG and after BIGBANG’s suddent 3 year hiatus, I hope that 2NE1 will be back soon.  Park Bom had the (stupid and unesscary) drug scandal that should have never even been a thing. CL ….still waiting for her US debut (that horrible Dr. pepper mess doens’t count). Minzy recently opened a dance school and Dara is doing acting work abroad.

So I know they are working, but I really miss the badass chicks of 2NE1.  They left this huge gap when they went on this (break?) and it has yet to be filled.

I hope Papa YG learns than putting off debuts and comebacks doesn’t automatically mean success *cough* IKON gross debut *cough*.

On that note, I hope you guys find this MV as cool and interesting as I did, as it certainly fits within the requirements for a Happy KPOP Halloween.

Day 7 : Shadow Shadow Shadow


So I missed posting last Friday because I was rushing to get to Seoul in time to see “In the Heights” (there will be a separate post about that later).

Number 7 is one of my favorite songs by one of my favorite bands: Shadow by BEAST.

It’s a slightly gothic MV but manages to fit in kind of creepy things like snakes and spiders and Junhhyung rolling his eyes back….

Beast was one of those groups I had heard about but didn’t get to really pay attention until their hit “Good Luck” came out last summer.  Right after I really got into the song, it blew up and I had no choice but to dive into the Beauty fandom.

There really isn’t a weak link when you look at the group at the whole.  Unlike Big Bang where clearly TOP is not a dancer or Block B where Zico really shouldn’t sing, BEAST members all perform everything pretty well.

A lot of people said they would never be able to top Fiction.  Ironically enough I’m not such a fan of the song myself and found that Shadow was the better song and concept. And “Good Luck” just dominated the summer of 2014.

I was so happy I was able to go their concert, especially if the rumors of them enlisting are true.  I’ve been so dissappointed with the way CUBE has been treating BEAST and all of its artists lately.  Barely any promotion.

I hope CUBE figures out the problem soon, otherwise I fear that groups like BEAST aren’t going to be able to reach their true poentieal and just kind of fade off into obscurity.  With all these rookie groups killing it right now, it’s hard to maintain your power and popularity as you get older, especially when your own company gives you a 1 month promotion for your 1+ year comeback

Anyway, back to the whole reason we are doing this, yes Shadow is on the darker side. While not quite as intense as Hyde or Thriller, it’s its own version…the mellow version…like if Hyde and Thriller got off the steroids.

Day 6: “Because your body goes boom bara boom.”


Day 6 of the KPOP Halloween Challenge: I kid you not, this is the opening line of our song today.

Boyfriend’s Witch has many a problems, that line being one of them.  The other fact is that despite being called a witch, the MV lacks one, and the lyrics don’t really feel like anything spell binding.

Nevertheless is has the Halloween feel-they are vampires, and the hook does have a slightly “spooky” feel to it.

This was a song I hadn’t paid attention to.  I knew it was released because my friend likes Boyfriend and has the album and poster of it.

They do have another song out that features an Alice in Wonderland MV that is better and cooler, but Witch definetly fits the Halloween mold better.  Even if there aren’t any witches….and I’m being told that my body goes boom bara boom.

Day 4: 4 Minute


So I just realized my post from yesterday never went though…so if you were wondering where Day 4 was here we go!

Our first girl group-4 Minute.

This was actually the song that really got me into their music.  Not only do they all look amazing, but Gayoon’s soaring vocals (not sure how legit they are after hearing her sing live) are amazing.

I think the girls are supposed to be vampires, which fits the Halloween theme.

Initially I was going to use their zombie MV but 1 I hate zombies, and 2 this felt darker and they all look much better here as well.

It’s hard for girls to dark concepts.  Usually  its cute or sexy, but I think 4 Minute did a good job with pulling off sexy/dark theme.

Day 5 : Full Moon


Today’s choice was a hard one.  There are a lot of “Halloween” theme MV’s out there but being as I don’t know all of them, it’s hard to choose one and talk about it.

I went back and forth between two of Block B’s (Jackpot and Very Good) before deciding that Sumni’s Full Moon better represents the challenge.

I’ve never heard the song before but I knew the dance because of its…uh…interesting moves.   I also heard it was one of those that was censored.

I’m guessing she’s a vampire, and she turns her,,,,boyfriend? into one as well.  Anyway, its very dark, supernatural like so it fit well and gave me a chance to listen to a new song.

So without any other frills, here is Sunmi’s Full Moon.