On Christmas eve…


…I think I broke all my co workers because I gave them gifts.


While I gave my closer co teachers a bigger personal gift, I did give the VP and P some fruit and imported chocolate.

Apparently after lunch they were all talking about how nice and shocked and sorry they were.

It wasn’t meant as a feel bad thing but the VP must have went out and bought me a huge bag of clementines and special kind of rice after lunch!

I spent the rest of the day finishing up my Football powerpoint and realized how little I care about teams that are not in my League.  I chose to go with Denver because I couldn’t stand the thought of talking about the Patriots, and the Cowboys because children here know what a cowboy is.

Then of course I had to do the Steelers because Hines Ward ethnicity.  I think they will get a kick out of me using the Korea-Japan rivarly as an analogy to the loathing we Ravens fans feel towards Steelers and vice versa.


But now it’s Christmas eve and since I won’t be posting tomorrow most likely here are my final two Christmas songs.


1st : Angels we have heard on high-because it reminds me of spending time in church on xmas eve …and really what better way is there?


2nd: Waltz of the flowers from the nutcracker-because ….just because. I got into this tradition where i watch the royal opera house’s version of the nutcracker every christmas eve. and this is always my favorite part.


Have a merry christmas everyone!!! Or if you don’t celebrate christmas or any holiday, have a lovely winter break or holiday or whatever you want to call it .