The strange case of VIXX


Last night I went to bad, finally losing the battle of not getting sick. My plan today was to post 3 videos as to not forget this weekends post.

But seeing as I will be using one of my sick days to leave work early (I am proud to say I’ve never missed work…simply asked to leave after my classes are done) I am only going to post one today.

It’s VIXX once again because who does dark/creepy/concept better?

It’s HYDE which came out first. It’s dark, it’s creepy. Then they had a repackage a few months later called Jekyll which was their super happy, fun single (and my personal favorite song).

I thought it was so well done: not only did they use literature to convey their concepts (Hyde talks about not being a bad person but just someone they “can’t control” while Jekyll talks about falling in love and thinking about “losing control”) but they pulled it polar opposite back to back concepts SO well.

So enjoy!



vixxDay 2: HYDE


Today is Day 2 of my very own KPOP Halloween Challenge!

Yesterday we kicked it off with BTOB’s “Thriller”. It’s actually one of my favorite BTOB songs…which is why their latest string of releasing “Healing songs” while beautiful….leaves something to be desired at the same time.  I’m just saying..when a group of 7 carries 3 rappers…releasing ballads as your title tracks doesn’t make sense.

Anyway, enough of my own personal issues with how CUBE has been promoting their artists, moving on to ……HYDE!

(Heads up, none of these songs are in any kind of order).

Yes VIXX is known for the dark concepts.  After the initial cute and fun “Superhero” and “Rock Ur Body” VIXX came out with “On and On” which while kinda weird (they were vampires sent to space?) not too too dark

…the scariest thing was the color of Ravi’s hair.  I love the color orange but…it was…

On and On was the beginning of the dark concepts but I think HYDE really solidified it.

If you don’t like worms, or spiders or snakes or…brain matter it might make you a little squeamish. But it’s a really cool concept.

That’ why I love VIXX (among many other reasons).  Yes they are really into concepts but it actually makes sense.  The MV, lyrics, outfits (most of the time) all works together and in the end….amazing perfection!

Anyway, it was really hard to limit myself with VIXX, not just because they are my favorite, but because there are so many dark Halloweenish things to choose from.

So here is HYDE! Enjoy!