Miracles in December (the fact that I finally can post is the miracle)



I know that I had mentioned that I wanted to do a 12 days of kpop Christmas but due to a high volume of drama and stress and then a high workload I just found no time to post.

But now that I have a little free time and with Christmas only 5 days away now, I figured I would post a Top 10 type of thing to get us into the Christmas mood (which is sorely lacking in Korea due to the fact that it’s a “couples holiday here”…strange.) These also aren’t in any particular order…just the way that I think to remember them.

But if you are like me sometimes become tired of the usual Christmas songs you’ve heard for 27+years ….then it’s really nice to listen to some of the songs I’ve listed below (as well as others I haven’t included) to get you into that Christmas spirit!

1-Jelly Christmas 2012


2- TTS- Dear Santa


3-BTOB – Winter’s Tale

4 IU You&I (It was hard to choose between this and Good Day but this just to me reminds me more of Christmas)

5 Starship 2013-Snow Candy

6 Infinite-Lately

7 Jessica -Wonderland (I’ve never been a huge fan of her voice but oddly enough I really find this song catchy and her voice fits the song well-plus this MV is so beautiful)

8 EXO – Sing For You

9-EXO Miracles in December (yeah…of course you know I would EXO two spots 🙂 I didn’t include their most recent one because I haven’t really had a chance to sit down and listen to it)

10 SHINee Winter Wonderland (their latest Japanese single)

Bonus Video 🙂

On the Eleventh Day (before Christmas)


So I meant to start my 12 days of/before Christmas posting but due the fact I was getting over a hurricane of a cold that turned into a tsunami of a sinus infection (I don’t know why I’m using natural disaster weather termonology) I kind of missed it.  Also the past few weeks have been flying which I’m both happy and sad about.


So I will be posting yesterday’s and today’s posting all in one big wrapped up present.


I’ve decided to settle on posting a Christmas MV as well as my thoughts on my classes as I’m teaching the last lesson plan this week.


So let’s rewind and pretend it’s yesterday.


So first let’s do my class review:




This class has been pretty good all year long. They are good kids. The levels are extreme which has been a bit of a challenge.  I have one students who not only is unable to barely say the letters but was so shy of me that he wouldn’t look at me.

Now 영준 (Young Joon) let’s me help him with his work and he’s learning. He’s becoming more comfortable speaking too. Unlike teachers before me, I try to get his brain working rather than just giving him the answer to keep up.  I give him a choice, or will ask him to point to a picture.  I’d rather him do less work with my help rather than do all of the work by me giving him the answers.

He may never be great at English but I’d like to think I gave him conidence to at least try.  Yesterday I was so proud of him.  He had to say his groups job ad and while usually they would ask someone else to do it, I told him I would help him .  Even though he had to repeat after me, the fact he stood in front of his classmates and spoke was an amazing feat.

I will greatly miss this class.





This class has been a hit or miss all year long. Some days they are more talkitive than others.  Some days they want to listen and work and other days not so much.

So it’s only normal that their final day they would start out ok and progressively get more rowdy.

It’s a class that I used to dread but now it’s a class that I don’t mind getting through. As much as I hate having them talk, they aren’t malicious about it and that’s why I can’t ever truly be mad at them.

This class has come characters: between 야똥, 아침똥, “백현”, “찬열”, American accent student, and Luke it’s been a real interesting year.  Although I’m not so sure I will their talking, I will miss their silliness and willingness to participate.


Today my 5-8 class got cancelled due to election day-next year’s student council. I am proud to say that I have a few students I know running.

I do have 5-2 which I will see later but I can comment on them now.



This class was originally my favorite class. It was a class that not only had a high level of English so I could joke and talk comfortably, but it also was  a class that seemed to really just love being in my class.

They would always participate.  Unlike other classes at the beginning of the year where I would have to pull numbers to make them answer, this was a class where I would have to pull the number just to make sure they wouldn’t get mad that I wasn’t calling on them.

Though there were the rare days when they would talk too much, there seemed to be a general understaning between them, and my co teacher and me.

There was one day when they were not answering or anything and they told me that they had gym test day -this was when it was really hot outside-so they were all tired.  I was happy they told me. Instead of scolding them, I let them rest and we had an easy day.  It taught me how important our rapport was.

But when my co teacher left (as previously mentioned) 5-2 I guess decided to loose their brains.  Their first class with their new teacher, they were out of control, non stop talking, and we wound up doing 깜자 My first time giving it out myself.

They continued to act out for the next few classes before settling down a little.  They are still nowhere near what they are capabable of.  I know it’s the end of the year and some students are tired, but 5-2 seemed uncharacteristically so.

When I spoke to their class captain, and one of my best students, no doubt the student with the most fluent English, he said it wasn’t just my class.  They have started acting like crazies in all their classes and now were being constantly reprimanded. They were actually better for me.  He said they also were trying to test the new teacher as well because they didn’t like her as much.


It was a little disheartning. I was worried about the teacher switch, but this was the class I was least worried about. So I was really shocked by their behavior.

I’m sad that the end of the year isn’t as great as they were, but I guess that’s what happens when we put people on pedestals.  The dynamics for every class but two have changed so much from where it started.  I guess I’m a little sad they aren’t what they used to be, but I shouldn’t have expected them to be amazing the whole year with teacher switching and end of year blues.

I will always remember 5-2 with a special kind of fondness: 원 who used to be shy but now can almost do the work on her own, Hunter whose fluent English is so impressive I told him he sounds unnatural when he speaks Korean, Amy who is always up for participating, the one cute little boy student who has the deepest voice out of all the students I call him “man voice” 남자목소리” and all my other students who I will really miss next year.

5-2 is like that person you like so much and expect so much of them when they fall short it makes your heart hurt but then you realize they are normal and human so you accept that and continue to move on.


Christmas section:


Because I missed the 12th, I will post it first. So my first video, in no particular order is “What’s This” Tim Burton’s  Nightmare before Christmas.

I am actually showing my kids this in class this week as their ‘motivation’ video. We watched “This is Halloween” in October so they already know the character.  Yes this lyrics are so fast but they really enjoy the animation.

This was a movie that I wasn’t actually allowed to watch when I was younger because it was “scary” which it kind of is.

Some people say you can watch both Xmas and Halloween others say, one or the other. I don’t really think it matters but the animation while a little creepy, especially in Halloweentown, Christmastown is really cute.

The second one I hadn’t really given too much though to, but Jellyfish Entertainment debuted their new Christmas song today so I feel it’s only right to put it as 11th featured song.

While of course I listen for VIXX, their entire company has great singing voices so while listening to it you are really treated to a great sound. It has hints of Christmas but it’s not overpowering . The MV is quite cute and while none of the actual members from VIXX or artists appear other than pictures, it isn’t too sad though I would have preferred to see them.  But between the cute cat, and that delicious looking cake, it’s a really cute MV.

I’ve been looking forward to this one since it was announced because anything with more VIXX is the best. Jellyfish has I think 3 other Christmas songs out which are really good and you should check them out .

Whitney and I both said the nice thing about KPOP christmas songs is that we have grown tired of the typical Christmas pop songs in America which sometimes are also really bad. So it’s nice to change it up with KPOP Christmas.