Day 10:…because it’s double digits…


We are on Day 10 of the 13 day KPOP Halloween Challenge…and because there are two digits…I figured we would do one as part of the “official” countdown, and one honorable mention.

Shockingly enough, when I started I had the hardest time coming up with a 13 day list (that didn’t include half of VIXX’s songs).

But after working on this list for now 10 days, I have found more than enough.  So for the remainder of the days (i justified it as they have two digits thus two songs) we will be doing one honorable mention and one official.

I had no put any of these in order (except for number 1 which I have been saving) because some of these are songs/ MV that I am seeing for the first time.  Of course I would be biased to my favorite groups (not just because they happen to be infamous for dark concepts).

So today’ honorable mention goes to….BIGFLO: Obliviate (pronounced o-bliv-ee-ah-tay….no joke.  I really liked the kind of Harry Potter theme, and the fact they dance with capes and Harry Potter wands on the live stages.  This video will be their show performances so you can check out their “wand waving” dance….and if you really want, you can check out the MV which is also very cool Halloween feel.  The song itself is not bad, but its not something I would go out of my way to listen to.

As for the real MV included in this 13 day list, today is JYJ (or if you still need it to be a certain way DBSK/TVXQ) Jaejoong.  Other than the fact that this definitely fits the weird/creepy/Halloween/dark/evil theme extremely well, nothing else is my style.  I know a lot of people love Jaejoong’s look and voice but for me ….there is nothing there and he sounds like he’s screaming at times. (*side note I do really like Mirotic which I know everyone does)

However, other than Jaejoong there only has been one other solo artist on this list, and I did want to expand beyond bands I knew, or the easier/more common songs (that’s not to say that there won’t be any).  I’ve learned not to be close minded about groups, or songs or themes when it comes to KPOP.

If that was the case, I would still be listening to only western and classical music somewhere in America.  It wasn’t really until I went to see VIXX that I learned to open up to new KPOP artists.  That’s why I go to as many concerts as I do.  I’ve fallen for VIXX, TEEN TOP, *EXO (this is another whole issue), Junsu of 2PM, JR of GOT7 all at live concerts and shows.  So going to concerts all the time isn’t just to fill a need but knowing what I could be missing out on (HELLO VIXX), it’s worth it going.

So in conclusion, while neither song will be making an appearance on my playlist any time soon, I am glad I watched and listened to try and expand my interests as a KPOP fan.