Day 3: Nosebleeds, the irish and Hobbits


Day 3!  It’s day 3 and what a day it has been.

Not only was today my last class with my favorite co teacher, but we also had open class.  It’s when parents can come and observe to make sure serial killers aren’t teaching their children.  However, if I was one the parents and I saw my kids acting up in class…oh boy.

The open class went really well…until the final 5 minutes or so.  One of my smartest kids nicknamed Ohio is the second tallest kid in the class. However, during the activity today, he labeled himself as medium height.  This didn’t not go over well with my other students because they could not guess him. So there was a small fight that broke out between him, his groupmate and another team.  In the end we had two crying students, one crying so hard she got a nosebleed.  So it was also my first time playing”teacher nurse”.

It was almost so bad at the end I laughed about it.  But the parent seemed unphased.  I guess that’s what happens when you let your children run around like crazy people *cough korean parents cough*

My co teacher as I have said before is now the homeroom teacher for 4-4 up a floor and will no longer be teaching with me or his 3rd English classes.  I’m doing my best to stay happy and positive but I have no real interest in getting to know the new co teacher.  It’s sounds stupid and petty but I’m too annoyed right now to care.

Anyway moving on, today’s first video of the countdown to Jessica turning closer to 30 than 20 is….

#6: World of Our Own-Westlife

I love love love this song.  For a long time it was my absolute favorite song.

Westlife for those of you who don’t know was an Irish boyband formed during the same time in the 90’s when boybands were huge.  They had 5 members but when one of them left they continued on as a 4 member band (one direction much?) and now have officially disbanded after 10+ years together.  They are doing their own thing.

I think what makes them work for me is the fact they all really fit together well. Shane and Mark kill lead vocals (and Brian when he was with the group) and Nicky and Kian do great with harmonizing.

One thing that annoys me about KPOP sometimes is that groups rarely sing together.  I feel that EXO (of those I listen to) does the most but it’s not as much as old 90’s bands.

I found Westlife while looking up “Uptown Girl” by Billy Joel and found their cover version.  From there it blew up and I found all of their MV and songs and bought up all the music etc.

But this one quickly became my favorite.  Per usual I like more “happier” sounding songs.  Not necesarily the cutest most lighthearted songs, but it leaves you with a good feeling, a hint of sadness maybe..

I learned about what kind of voice I prefer when listening to singers.  Before I didn’t really have much of a preference mostly because I wasn’t too interested.  But when I heard Mark Feehily singing for the first time… it changed my views on a lot of things.

His voice was powerful with some soul in it…it was one of those voices where the first time I heard it I knew that I loved it.  It’s happened a few times since then but I would say that Mark’s voice really was the start of really appreciating certain vocal tones and abilities that I had never bothered with before.

I’m sad that Westlife has broken up but at the same time they had a long career, survived the boyband break up, survived losing a member, survived a hiatus, survived just about everything…and chose to break up together so it wasn’t even that sad.

And on the plus side…Westlife is for some reason really popular in Korea.

#5 Into the West- Lord of the Rings Soundtrack/Annie Lennox

Gotcha with this one huh? Ok so let me preface with saying I’m using this slot as the Lord of the Rings Soundtracks (all 3) .

Lord of the Rings became such a huge part of my life and to this day is one of the conversation starters with strangers.  People love Lord of the Rings.

Not only did it really introduce me to my first real celebrity crush (orlando bloom anyone?!) but the whole world of fantasy, action, and shockingly classical music in the soundtrack genre.

Lord of the Rings came out in 2001 when I was 11/12 years old.  My aunt and her friend took my grandpa and me to the movies to watch this movie.  I wanted to watch Snow Dogs. But we watched the Fellowship of the Ring.

I was so confused. Intrigued. Then mad. I had no clue what was really going on so the ending ….I assumed it was over.  Turns out there was a sequel… and then another one after that. Start Lord of the Rings obsession that has never formally ended.

But I fell in love with the music.  To this day when I listen to the Fellowship soundtrack I can picture every single scene in my head that goes with the music.  That’s how sad it is.

Sadly, i didn’t find the same pull with the Hobbit soundtrack.  The themes weren’t established as well and weren’t carried through the movies heavily enough.

Lord of the Rings will always have a super special place in my heart.  It’s something I will never get over or grow out of.

So that’s it for today.  Tomorrow will be numbers 3 and 4 and probably a review on my first teaching class solo/with the new co…so we will see how it goes….yay! Oh and uh…VIXX has a Pre-teaser.  Who has a teaser for a teaser as my friend W says??? Apparently VIXX.  I’ve also heard rumors that this is something that has never been done before which with it being VIXX I can understand. But W also said something about Love Slaves chained up…so I don’t know if I should be intrigued or slightly terrified.  I mean this is VIXX after all..the same guys that put out Voodoo Doll….