Hey now, Hey Now, Don’t Dream Concert is over


This post is entirely dedicated to the insane KPOP weekend I just had-a full Dream Concert experience, MYNAME concert, as well as travelling to Gangnam to see “pandas” and then learning that what you eat really does affect you skin, stomach- entire condition. If you really don’t care about KPOP I would strongly suggest you skip this post…because it’s about to GDFR 🙂

I can’t believe it!  After over a month of waiting, Dream concert finally happened on Saturday!

This past weekend has been so crazy that it’s insaneness(pretty sure that’s not a word) has now leaked over into the week. I’ve almost completely adjusted back to normal-I think my 14 hour jet lag wasn’t even this messed up.

So where to begin….let’s begin with the fact that me being me left packing to Friday night. So I was up later than I intended while still needing to catch my train that left at 9, which meant I had to leave my apartment by 820…which meant I had to wake up at 730…..that didn’t happen.

For the first time in a while I had to take a taxi to the station. I like taking the taxi because it drops me off closer to the station and allows me to leave whenever I want-it’s not that much more expensive but I have been pretty frugal lately.

I knew that the train was going to be nuts which is why I bought my ticket a week in advance-with dream concert, jazz festival and buddha’s birthday seoul was crazy busy! But I never thought it would take me 5 minutes to battle people to get to my seat (yes I did enter on the wrong side of the train car and had to basically go from one end to the other) but with my roller suitcase and get well poster present for W I felt like the Hulk-and not in a good way.

But once I finally got to my seat I was so grateful that I made the reservation. I however did not book one for the way home. I had no clue what time I would be leaving on Monday. I couldn’t really focus because I had so much adreniline that I kind of zoned out during the train ride.

Because W was taking the slow train I had an hour or so to kill. So I went to the airport line (it’s so far downstairs-you take like 3 or 4 separate super long escalators) and took it over to Hongdae, put my suitcase in a locker and then headed to the World cup stadium. I was not about to drag my suitcase all over Seoul, despite it being much lighter at the time.

At first I was concerened because I couldn’t get a hold of our friend J and I didn’t know what exit to come out of (see previous posts for the stupidty that is exiting our of Korean metro) but I soon found that all I had to do was follow the hoardes of teenage girls. My fears of getting lost vanished the moment I stepped off the train and witnessed over 100 girls sprinting to the exit.

I knew that it was going to be crazy but I wasn’t quite prepared for what I would see. Lines so long you couldn’t see the end or the beginning, a ton vendors giving out free stuff, so many people, merch everywhere etc.

It was my first time at the World Cup Stadium. I had been trying several times to make it out there only to be reminded by W that we would be going for Dream concert…..duh!

The stadium itself is huge. The sheer size is impressive. But the complex outside is rather large as well so once again the fear of wandering lost hit again.

I must have looked pretty stupid wandering around. But I was already dying. Mornings and evenings are cooler here in Korea, but during the day it’s like the desert. I had worn jeans and a jacket so for sunburn scale I was all covered up…..on a temperature scale I was dying a slow painful death.

Finally I managed to get in line to buy W and myself lightsticks and the slogan towel (which came in super handy and saved my neck from the sun) before heading over to our other friends. They had been there at 7 am. I don’t know if I would ever be that dedicated.

W finally got to the stadium and we got our tickets and headed to our hostel to drop our stuff, check in and then rush back. Our hostel was in Hongdae so it was short ride. We stayed at the Neo Seoul hostel. Apparently it is a “foriengers” only hotel where you need to show your passport and everything.
It was nice-we shared a four person “dorm” with a bathroom. But our “roommate” was barely there and left the next day so it was basically a 2 person room-the beds were hard so I wound up sleeping on top of my comforter.

After dropping off our then light suitcases we headed back to the stadium. At this point she and I had spilt a pain bagel with cream cheese, an orange and a iced coffee. But we were both running on adrendline at that point so hunger wasn’t even on our radar. If i had only known this was the beginning of a messed up eating schduele.

When we got back to the stadium, after having lathered in SPF 50 , we wandered around a little. Because we were in the foreinges sections we were like a giant “tourist” group. We met a guy who had been all around the world and was currently in Korea with his friend. He said Las Vegas was next on his place to go.
W easily spoke with him. We found out that he was a Red Velvet super fan to which W and I both made faces. Just go listen to “Ice cream cake”….you will want to die. But he also loved 2ne1 and called Sandara Park his future ex -wife which cracked us up. Then he revealed that he was probably the only straight red velvet fan there. So much for assuming he was gay. That’s what I get.

Anyway we all ended up waiting for a while in the sun, but W and I were protected thanks to my sunscreen. After burning about a month ago after being in the sun for 2 hours, there was no way in hell I would be caught dead with out sunscreen again. I didn’t need my chest turning a lovely shade of red again. With my new hair, it would clash wonderfully.

Finally we went to our “seats”. Now as many of you I wound up spending a little more than I originally had inteneded to-and way more than any person should feel comfortable with on a concert. However…stepping out of the tunnel onto the field and looking around at the sheer size….I had a mini World Cup fantasy where I was walking out onto the field representing the USA……yeah.

The sheer size of the stadium is enough to make your head spin, but being able to stand on the field and really take in the amount of seats….it was surreal. W was entertatined at my mini soccer fan freak out.
But then things got much worse. When I saw where we were going to be….well let’s just say it was well worth the 100,00 (x3) that it was. Not only were we in the “pit” for standing, but we were surrounded by the stage, meaning we had to step up onto the stage. This also meant if there was a fire we would all die (the only reason I’m bringing this up is because they had a moment where they mentioned what to do in the case of an emergency).

With the sun going down slowly the heat of the day faded and the air become cooler. I knew this concert was going to be long, but hearing the words “3 hour concert” kind of made me wonder if I was going to be awake at the end.

The lesser known groups went first: Red Velvet, Speed, Topp Dogg, CLC-some rookie groups, some who have no yet been able to reach that major fame. Some of them were really good-like Boys Republic.

W is a super fan so she was already going a little insane but when BTS came out her sanity slowly began to unravel and it was really entertaining to watch. BTS was really good-J Hope had a dance battle with someone from GOT7. And then they performed there new song “I NEED U”.

But when BTOB came out, as W puts it “it was the beginning of the end”. BTOB performed “Wow” and “Beep Beep” I had seen them in Busan, but still it was awesome. They were amazing and did the really sweet choreography for “Beep Beep” that they didn’t do in Busan. (seriously watch their dance practice video). W and I both went a little nuts. But nothing compared to what happened next.

We were already riding a high with BTOB but then when I heard the opening for “Love Equation”…let’s just say my mind when blank because I am having a little trouble remembering it at times. I’ve been waiting to see Vixx since the Utopia concert-one of my biggest regrets (if you want to see how I stupidly ignored the first half of the concert please refer back to previous posts) so now to finally see them again…it was amazing. After “love equation” they performed “error” which isn’t one of my favorite songs by them so I was able to collect my brain and settle down a little. It was over way too soon but I knew we had a “special stage’ with Leo later on which was amazing as well.

Right after Vixx came 4minute. They were amazing! Both W and I thought Sohyun looked amazing-her body is seriously 10x better than Hyuna and we think she’s much prettier.

Other artists were SISTAR-where they did an improved dance remix of ‘Touch my Body” (thank god), EXO-I kind of tuned out during them and their insane fans who performed their newest single and “Growl”, and then the show closed with SHINee who I was pleasently surprised. Their new song was actually really good. And Onew ( I think that’s his name- I can really only tell 2 of them apart) had the cutest blue and orange striped shirt on that made him look like a little kid.

Though it was kind of obvious that EXO fans and SHINee fans were at odds with each other (and they were in the sections right next to each other) the overall reception was amazing.

If I had to categorize it-Super Concert. The line up was incredible and it gave you a mini preview of groups that maybe you didn’t know, or that you would have never bothered to see before (sorry EXO looking at you). If definetely left me looking forward to BTOB’s full length album next month, made me actually interested in SHINee’s newest single, still made me dislike EXO, and just completely made me happy that I got to enjoy VIXX fully. (and made me wish they both would take a break to prevent burnout while at the same time wanting them to make another comeback)

The concert end time: 1040-yep over 4 hours long. We all decided that we would head back to Hongdae and grab something to eat. It seems after concerts we always get chicken. By the time we go to Hongdae and found a place, it was 12 am. I had not had a real meal in over 24 hours. But i wasn’t actually that hungry….I think I was still on adrelinene at this point….until I actually had one bite of chicken…and then I realized how hungry I was. I knew I was going to regret eating fried chicken but at that point…I couldn’t have cared less.

I had been eating extremely well, exercising and drinking a ton of water. My skin had been reacting well and I felt amazing. However…that chicken not only destroyed my diet but my skin and stomach as well.

After showering, and unwinding a little with TV W and I finally fell asleep around 1 am.

The next day I woke up at 730 because my alarm clock went off. I was in and out of sleep until about 10am when I realized I couldn’t sleep anymore. We got ready for the day (it took us both an hour to get ready) and then headed out for “breakfast/lunch”. We found a really nice place in Hongdae where we had pasta and donkatsu. It was followed by much needed coffee and then we headed out to Cheongdam. W had wanted to get the new BTOB lightstick from Cube and I needed to get Hyunseung’s new album (which I have yet to put into my computer). Cube had completely renovated. Also…their drink menu.

I ordered an iced latte to keep me awake….it was about 3x the size a normal iced latte should be. It took me over 1 1/2 hours to drink which anyone who knows me, I am a fast drinker. Needless to say it kept me occupied…and then occupied for the rest of the day in bathroom.

Due to our waking up late we had to head over to Gwangnaru for the MYNAME concert. I hadn’t planned on going but deicded why the hell not. So W got her ticket and I bought mine…which wound up being 6 rows in front of her…and 6 rows from the stage.

We had some time to kill so we went to find a GS25 (like a wawa) and on our way we walked passed by a group of 5 really good looking men. I thought they were staff (they had special tags on) so we passed by them without really paying attention to them. Both W and i noticed they were staring at us as we walked by in slight confusion. Turns out…it was a famous Korean model who was good friends with one of the MYNAME members.Whoops!

I knew nothing about this group (turns out I had seen them before on tv show with VIXX and BTOB but had no clue who they were) but they put on a decent show. They had a few good songs and I learned that they were much bigger in Japan.

I sat next to a girl from Sweden whose English had me completely fooled. I knew she had an accent but I assumed she was from Northern America-Minnestoa or Wisconsin. She was very pleased to hear that I thought her English was amazing. Then she was shocked when she found out I was not a student- I was very pleased at that.

The concert went a little longer than I thought and we got out around 10pm. W and I headed back to Hongdae where we ate mung bean pancake and scorched rice for dinner at around 11ish. It was another night where we ate super late.

We got back to the hostel, both dead from the previous day and the current day’s actitivies. But somehow at 1230 we both got a second wind and were going on youtube, and tumblr and just kind of lost it. It might have been slight deprevation or exhaustion but the both of us cracked up for a solid minute when we started talking about Ravi’s real name (Wonsik…..poor guy). Then we both passed out.

The next day was check out so we had to hurry and get our stuff together by 11 am. We said out goodbyes to the resident dog who was super cute and friendly. Then we headed out to Gangnam to see the paper mache pandas. Apparently it is to raise awareness for pandas so there is one paper mache panda for every real life panda left in the world. It’s sad.

However, it took 40 minutes to reach Gangnam from Hongdae…and I was so tired that I fell asleep on the metro ride there. After we took pictures with the pandas we headed to the Dog Cafe where one of the little dogs completely fell in love with me. He plopped himself down on my lap. And when I tried to give him to W he got upset and wanted to come back to me. And when we had to leave he kept trying to jump up on me. It was so cute and sad at the same time.

But the we ran into the problem of getting back to Hongdae in time to grab our bags and still make it to Seoul station at 5. We got into Hongdae at 430 and then bascially sprinted to our hostel to pick up our bags and then to the station. I got my workout in.

I finally caught the 5 pm train which wasn’t too crowded shockingly and then made it home an hour later.

So that was my entire extended insane weekend. I’ve adjusted back to a normal sleep scheduele however my eating is still a little off. I’m not hungry around dinner so much because I got used to eating at 12 so I’m slowly getting back to eating dinner. Also I had zero energy so I didn’t go to the gym until yesterday. I’m almost 100% back!!

I realize that I had gotten a little behind on the posting mostly due to the business that became prepping, attending and then recovering from dream concert.

So next time on the Real Black and White Dog Archives : heat and the approaching summer, teaching struggles in dealing with the heat, W’s surgery and nerves, my Korean gym and when I realize I’m the only female “going hard” .

*This post was exhausting to write and remember so I will add photos later 🙂