Day 4 Birthday Countdown and New Co Teachers


Happy Tuesday!

So Daylight’s Savings Time has officially hit USA which means that now I am 14 hours ahead of USA Eastern Standard Time.


Anyway first let’s tackle the issue that….I was suddenly told yesterday that my favorite co teacher is now becoming the new 4th grade homeroom teacher thus leaving me with a new English co teacher.

I hadn’t realized how close or attached I had gotten to my male co teacher.  99% of the time we are on the same page. We work really well together and are around the same age. We have a great dynamic and I rely on him for almost everything.  He helps me with phone calls, packages, bus times….just literally about everything.

I will do my best to go in with a positive attitude but I hate meeting new people and it takes me a long time to warm up to new people do being blindsided mid week did not make me a happy person yesterday.

Also I spoke with my other teacher about the possibility of teaching 6th grade next year but I would be teaching only 5th grade again (the current 4th grade).

It had been a point of interest for me staying here but the fact that my co teacher won’t be with me next year and I won’t teach my currents kids again…now I’m leaning more to leaving.

It’s still a lot to think about.

Anyway moving on….Today #8 and #7 on my countdown to 26th birthday songs!

#8….. One Thing- One Direction

So I really got into One Direction right after they “debuted” with their single “What Makes you Beautiful”.  I had heard the song on the radio and thought it made a fun summer song. So I bought the single, and then wound up watching them again because they were on SNL the same time as Sofia Vegara (who I love!) and wound up really enjoying their performance.

So  I learned more about them, watched all the M/V,  bought the physical album….and of course because there is no fun in doing it alone, got my best friend involved.  One Direction was kind of my reintroduction back in pop music.  After listening to a lot of backstreet boys/ britney spears typical 90’s pop music, I kind of took a break and got more into rock groups-Goo Goo Dolls (my favorite group), Lifehouse, Matchbox 20 , Alanis…..

And of course like any good pop group, we picked our favorites.  Louis was my favorite followed by Liam whereas my best friend loved Harry and Zayn.  Poor Nial.

We were able to see them in Hershey Park for their 2nd tour-when they were promoting the “Take Me Home” album.  It was amazing! We had a great time.  It was almost a perfect day where we did the park and then went to the show afterwards.

When their third album came out, I really enjoyed it but their music was making a slight change towards 80’s is pop/rock sound that I wasn’t loving.  Also sadly around that time I had discovered KPOP which kind of just…ruined…everything.

Nevertheless my bestie and I went to see their third tour. But it in many ways it was a lot different than the first time.  i didn’t know all the songs or the word to all the songs.  It just felt very obvious that we weren’t quite the fans we used to be.  We had a lot of fun and as weird as it sounds it was almost like a goodbye to our insane “directioner” days.  It ended on a great note.

Their fourth album I have two or three tracks but I never bought the full album and have yet to hear any songs from their fifth album.  I know they are going on a hiatus which I think they needed a long time ago.  They’ve worked hard and deserve a nice long rest.  I hope they do come back and by that time maybe I will be more excited for them.

“One Thing” was the one song that really made me fall in love with One Direction despite the fact that there are too many of their songs for me to name that I love.  I love the song itself and the MV reminded me so much of The Beatles Hard Days Night so duh…loved it.

#7 Block B -Tell Them

Even though BigBang was my very first KPOP group and song ….my first KPOP everything….it wasn’t until I heard “Tell Them” by Block B that I really really fell in love with a KPOP song.

I loved “Love Song” by BigBang…but for some reason this song became my favorite and held that spot for a very long time.

Block B was the first group that was my second group…if that makes sense.

So basically when you get into KPOP you have your first group.  You obsess over it, you say there will never be any other group in the world.  This will always be your favorite group and your favorite bias.

Then you somehow find another group you like…

…and you think to yourself…am I betraying my first group if I get into this other group?

That’s what Block B was for me.  They were different (YOUNGER) than Bigbang and had a totally different vibe.

When i discovered their older stuff (I found them a little after Very Good had just come out) I stumbled across this song.  It was the beginning of summer and it just felt like the perfect summer song.  The song was divided up pretty well as far as parts go (sadly that is no longer true) and though the fashion as horrendous, it’s a great song.  At times it does sound a little disjointed.  You go from a cute beginning to rapping verses, to a singing happy bridge to an even happier chorus…and back to the rap.  So while it shouldn’t really work (Jackpot, ice Cream cake) somehow at least for me it does.

Everytime I hear this song I think of a fun summer when I got to see my first kpop concert, had a great time with my friends and got back on course with finishing my degree.

I like how the songs lyrics aren’t your typical love story or dissing anyone….it’s just a nice song all around.

The song kind of reminds me of the end of the summer for some reason -maybe the fact it kind of looks like it in the MV-but I always like to celebrate the opening and ending of summer with posting this MV on facebook. Cheesy I know.

So there we have it.  Tomorrow will be #6 and #5 as well as talking about future plans for teaching,living (studying??) in Korea….until then….GO CHECK OUT THE NEW PROMO PHOTOS FOR VIXX FREEDOM VERSION!!! (yes…they have two versions with two sets of photocards and two poster…..)