On the 8th day before Christmas…


My students gave to me…a funny and easy final 5-7 class.


This class I love so much.  There are too many cute ones to name.

Jake: the one with big eyes who always wants my attention.

Rainbow: the smartest student who asked me today if we are using the simple present or present progressive for an activity (darn you Rainbow..I don’t remember!)

Twin Girl: Her twin brother is in my 5-2 class. While they are both very smart, it’s obvious he’s a little more wild than she is.

Sehun: My EXO fan (I have one in every class) who likes Sehun the best.

Tony: Who is so small and so cute he look like a mix between Filbert from Rocko’s modern life and D.O. from EXO.  Weird combo I know but he was so cute today with his facial expressions!


And finally probably my favorite student Dion. Mr. Ash Blonde hair.  His English is pretty good compared to others but the way he tries so hard and always says “teacher”.  He’s so well behaved and tries to help keep the class quiet.  He will grow up to be a great person I think and I am going to miss him so much next year.


Now because I’m in the ending phase of planning my Winter camp which has turned me into a workaholic this past week, I will quickly finish up this post with Christmas song.

Now this will NOT be the last you see of The Nutcracker because well..I’m obsessed with it. (I GET TO SEE IT TOMORROW!!!WAHHH!! IN SEOUL!!! OMG) Ok now that, that is finished.

Usually I am a purist when it comes to anything classical and for most music.  But on occasion I do like remixes-usually ones that don’t change too much like the melody or overall feel. (Any VIXX fans here? Check out BEAST Fiction/VIXX Error remix..it slays)

So when I was working in PETCO …last year? This would come on and I couldn’t help but to secretly love it.  The slightly haunting feel is the same and though there isn’t the light and clean sound because of the ….dubstep?? It still feels really cool.


Hope you guys enjoy!! Because I will most likely not update this saturday and sunday…I should probably do so now…So…I will do Saturday’s post now in a seperate post…ok..bye.