VIXX, Red (non solo) Cup, my one hundred and eleventy birthday


I know I mentioned that I would be doing a countdown of TV shows, but with my new co teacher knowing next to nothing about how our classes work (it’s a strange system and it’s not her fault at all) I have been pulling over time working on activities and games. So I spent most of yesterday writing up new lesson plans. Thankfully I finished it.

I will try to do the TV Shows next week. This week well…you knew it was coming. I don’t HYDE (points if you get it) my VIXX obsession.

IT’S HERE! The day I’ve been waiting for since I left VIXX’s Utopia concert back in March.

VIXX’s comeback is here! So much about this comeback.

  1. It’s my first in country comeback. Which means I get to experience all the in country promotions!
  2. First VIXX poster!
  3. Full comeback-LOVED VIXX LR but …. VIXX is better together.
  4. Full Length album. Yes it has Error and Eternity but Voodoo Doll did the same thing adding older songs.
  5. It’s Leo’s birthday.

Even though the album dropped online last night, I wanted to wait to watch the MV with it…which drops in 55 minutes. Sadly I don’t have my favorite class to distract me today and I have to sit in anguish waiting for 1200 KST to hit.

Between my friends, and my Starlight student, I’ve been so hyped up for this comeback!

The teaser pictures, the choreography, accepting Leo’s blonde hair.

After breaking the Ravi curse of 4 albums (every photocard, every stand up, every promotion was Ravi) with getting Ken’s stand up in the concert DVD, here’s to hoping the good luck with biases continue.  If not..I have two friends who would be more than willing to trade for Ravi. The only benefit to getting Ravi.

The album usually isn’t in stores until two days after, despite it dropping today, so I will be picking it up on Thursday probably.

I probably won’t review the MV or the song …just because I think watching reactions are funnier so I suggest you go online and watch reactions because…well they get me through the day sometimes. JREKML specifically is an all time favorite of mine.

Now moving on to…the big political/messy/WTF debate in America.

Starbucks is ditching their Christmas themed cups this year in favor of red ombre cups.

Big Whoop. It’s still red, it’s still festive.

But it seems that people are upset that it isn’t Christmassy enough.

Every one on facebook is putting in their two cents. Well last time I tried that , I got blasted. Apparently my gay liberel friend who was so set on “live and let live” got offended when I tried to quote his own motto back to him. I cried. Got sad. Then realized this isn’t the person who I was.  1 year ago, if that had happened “Goodbye!” You are cut out of my life. You can grovel for my apology and maybe you’ll get it. So I  had to regrow my backbone essentially. But that’s for another time. I digress.

Back to the non solo Red Cup. People are upset that Starbucks decided to go for seasonal cups this year. Starbucks’statement -they basically wanted everyone to feel included. They will still sell advent calanders and Christmas blend.

When I was little, if I didn’t like what my mom made for dinner, the rule was “if you don’t like what I’m serving, go make your own dinner.” That wound up being a lot of Ramen nights for me as a picky eater. But the idea is still the same. If you are so offended by the lack of a snowman or presents on a DISPOSABLE coffee cup you have 1 of 2 choices in my mind: 1 buy a REUSEABLE christmas coffee mug, get a small discount, save the planet, and have your Christmas starbucks coffee or 2 be like me and “go make your own.” then you can put it in whatever container you like, call it whatever blend you want.

Simple right? I’m pretty sure my Korean 5th graders could a solution out. Yet fully grown adults feel the need to rename themselves “merry christmas” which is actually offensive for those who are true Christians (like myself)

Red is still a Christmas color. Hanukkah and other seasonal holidays don’t use red. It’s still festive. So stop complaining.

Now I do think they could have kept the winter theme. That is in fact I would say more inclusive. Everyone has winter. Well everyone but Hawaii.

Snowmen and snowflakes are universal in my opinion. More so than the color red.

Also, if you are getting so worked up over a simple thing as a paper cup not having your favorite Christmas thing on it, then maybe you need to re-evaluate your priorities. I bet these are the same people that stress the importance of giving thanks for what they have and then go shopping at midnight, not thinking of those who are having to work on Thanksgiving night.

When I was working in the customer service industry at PETCO and dealt with customers face to face, though I was raised Christian for 25 years, went to Catholic school for 13 years, it was not a big deal for me to say “Happy Holidays.” It wasn’t hurting me, it was wishing someone else a happy….whatever. It was for them. And when they gave me gifts, sometimes they were Christmas themed. No big deal. I’m not going to lose my shit because I got a piece of Rudolph candy.

People have good intentions, and sometimes people feel they need something else to be mad about.  I feel it’s less about what they are actually mad about and more about their personality. If you can’t be happy that everyone is included this year because Starbucks wants an all inclusive cup theme, then it’s probably your own issue. No one is attacking you. You just need a reason to hate something else. And that in and of itself is sad. It’s not a happy place to be and you will never be happy because of it.

To quote VIXX, say to yourself slowly “I need therapy.”

Now don’t think I’m some crazy liberal.  Don’t think I’m one sided. I did have medium opinions towards the whiny lady who didn’t want to sign marriage lisences for gay couples. Yes I understood it was her job and she had a right to say no based on her beliefs. Sadly it was her JOB and against the federal LAW, so naturally I believe she should have accepted the fact she was unable to perform her job and quit. Or accepted the consequences of denying someone their basic rights.

But I don’t believing shoving this down people’s throats or becoming belligerent towards them makes it okay. It’s all about education and patience. Sadly a friend couldn’t see it this way.  He became so obsessed with defending his own ability to speak his mind and do what he wanted, that he was unable to even realize he was doing what he was complaining about to me.

Now that my Starbucks rant is over, moving on to my birthday!

It was a chill day. Literally, it rained, it was chilly. But also I got to just relax. I’m not comfortable in the center of attention which is why I get embarssed really easily.

So birthday parties are not really my style.

This birthday I got to watch Home Alone, The Propsal, and eat cake. Oh and play with puppies!

Literally that was my weekend It was a perfect weekend. Puppy love, crab dip, hot milk cake…the best. Then I went downtown to buy the new FX album, and some things from nature republic.

Turns our Nature Republic is having some sort of EXO promotion so I got a free Kyungsoo stand up doll.  I was a happy camper.

All in all a nice quiet birthday. And though I don’t have too much in the way of concerts coming up, I am looking forward to my Thanksgiving meal at Emily’s house and Christmas! They are big Christmas people like me. It will be hard not to be with family this year, or go to Church on Christmas eve, or even feel the typical Christmas season I’m used to-holiday theme stuff everywhere.

But for now I’m making due with listening to my students practice Jingle Bells, and other Christmas carols.

Yes that’s right. My Korean school where most children tend to be Buddhist or Agnostic are playing Christmas Carols.

Remember when I said I was not a full on crazy liberal?

I can understand how some Children might feel sad or left out when having to play Christmas music or sing religious songs.

But there is so much Christmas music out there. Other than the Dradle song and 8 crazy nights, I know no other Jewish holiday songs.  If there are in fact other religious Holiday songs, than I think they should also be featured.

But music has a history of being deeply rooted in Christianity. Maybe once upon a time it was all about the religious purposes, but nowadays these concerts, these historical requiems, are not performed with the intention of spreading religion. They are performed because they are amazing and beautiful to listen to. How many people really understand the Latin being sung anyway?

I once knew a man at my church who was Jewish. Yes you heard right. He was a Jewish man who attended my Episcopal church. Why? Because it was the best damn music program around. He looked beyond religion, and belief and didn’t care that what he was singing or playing was talking about Jesus- a person who in his faith wasn’t the Messiah.  If he is able to something like that, then I think it’s easy for children to do the same. And if the child is that offended or the parents are that offended by it, then the child should have the right to sit out and not be punished or scrutinized

With all the problems America is facing right now, both large scale like gay marriage, or simple like a red paper cup, it makes me thankful for being in Korea.

I will end this post here. I have more to say on the issues people face in Korea but it doesn’t really fit this post well. So I will move it over to the next post.

Anyway there you have it. VIXX comeback, Starbucks rants and my birthday. Now , I will go and watch the new VIXX MV and get back to you later!!!