Day 9: It Hurts…because I’ll never be as beautiful as Dara


…..just kidding…well I’m not but I am.  Anyway, we are on Day 9 of the KPOP Halloween challenge! And we have finally, another girl group 2NE1! Even though I am big fan of theirs, and I love love love Park Bom, I’ve never actually seen this MV before.

It wasn’t necessarily creepy, but more….dark fairy tale like? If that makes sense.  Like if Tim Burton’s world was suddenly a reality….you know bones on cakes and super long frizzy hair and majestic black see through umbrella’s that will not protect you from rain but make you look dark in a beautiful kind of way.

At first, I didn’t feel the song fit the MV well.  The whole “halloween” concept seemed to be too weird for a seemingly normal break up song.  But the more I watched, and the more I listened I found, while still thinking it’s a strange pairing, that it wasn’t as strange as I initially thought.

2NE1 all looks amazing in this concept, especially Bom’s hair. In the dreary, bleak MV, her hair sticks out in a great way.  It’s teal…but not a super bright teal what would blind you.

2NE1 has had so many issues….and I’m starting to wonder if they will ever reform.  That being said, they are YG and after BIGBANG’s suddent 3 year hiatus, I hope that 2NE1 will be back soon.  Park Bom had the (stupid and unesscary) drug scandal that should have never even been a thing. CL ….still waiting for her US debut (that horrible Dr. pepper mess doens’t count). Minzy recently opened a dance school and Dara is doing acting work abroad.

So I know they are working, but I really miss the badass chicks of 2NE1.  They left this huge gap when they went on this (break?) and it has yet to be filled.

I hope Papa YG learns than putting off debuts and comebacks doesn’t automatically mean success *cough* IKON gross debut *cough*.

On that note, I hope you guys find this MV as cool and interesting as I did, as it certainly fits within the requirements for a Happy KPOP Halloween.